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Things that make you go: “D’oh”

These are little things that slip by you and might cost you a match or it might be something dumb you do once in a while
For me it’s buying a full energy refill, moving like 3 steps and then closing the game to do something else
Another is trying to evade punisher 2099’s specials and getting clipped
What about you guys?


  • SnizzbarSnizzbar Posts: 1,941 ★★★★★
    I'll frequently dash in to a duped Spiderman and get my @$$ handed to me after he evades and combos
  • SnizzbarSnizzbar Posts: 1,941 ★★★★★
    Not reading nodes before a fight. And getting my @$$ handed to me...
  • AleorAleor Posts: 2,561 ★★★★
    My 5* pulls. Didn't get anyone in last 6 months whom I'd take to r4. 6* pulls are a lot worse than "D'oh"
  • MawrCalleachMawrCalleach Posts: 260
    I can dodge this domino's sp1. Dex failed.
  • XJonesXJones Posts: 40
    edited November 2019
    Parry attacking Mordo
  • Skillful_starSkillful_star Posts: 676 ★★★

    Using way too many health potions to take down the boss, only to finish the fight with most of that health there.

    Oh yeah that happens a lot actually. But an even worse one is when you use a team revive and suddenly become a god at the game and defeat the boss with the first champ...
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 10,646 ★★★★★
    When I dash back to try and dodge war machine’s s1, it’s a force of habit to dash back whenever a special is thrown so I still do it, even though I’ll take a bunch of damage
  • DarkZenDarkZen Posts: 201
    edited November 2019
    Kingpin heavy attack. Keep forgetting its unstoppable
  • Priyansh7Priyansh7 Posts: 377 ★★
    Lots of things for me
    I try to evade punisher's sp1, i evade it sometimes but usually i bleed to death
    Similarly,korg sp1,venom sp2, war machine sp1

    Once I mistakenly clicked on the featured grandmaster crystal(many times with phc) of 200 units, and got a 3 star 😂

    Sometimes while exploring quests, i press those paths which i had already explored earlier by mistake, and then i have to quit the quest and start again to save energy

    I also used hyperion's heavy on evade champs
    He got koed immediately 😂

  • Haji_SaabHaji_Saab Posts: 5,224 ★★★★★
    Reading this thread title
  • Aomine_Daiki10Aomine_Daiki10 Posts: 889 ★★★
    Haji_Saab said:

    Reading this thread title

    Are you a sadist or you just a loner? Or maybe both
  • BowTieJohnBowTieJohn Posts: 1,406 ★★★
    Clicking a path you already chose in Story or Quest mode. :(
  • RasiloverRasilover Posts: 724 ★★★
    forgetting that i dont have wasp synergy when i launch Ghost's sp2
  • Forgetting to go back and finish the 4th milestone on a 22-hour event until 15 minutes after it ended. (Generally this involves trying to double-dip on simultaneous Level Up and Class Advancement events.)
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