Monthly Legends run options((Monopoly)

Is there other options in the game for legends runs besides Corvus or Ghost? I know Starlord use to be an option back on the days.

Is any one getting titles with any other champ?


  • SadalSadal Posts: 60
    stark domino are 2 others I know of
  • MatiEspinozaMatiEspinoza Posts: 93
    There was a time when everybody did it with blade
  • Texas_11Texas_11 Posts: 180
    I remember when you could get it with starlord.

    I have cap marvel and nick fury
  • My_SuperiorMy_Superior Posts: 1,952 ★★★★
    Corvus kills in one Medium hit... and then two Medium hits... and then MLM... MLLM... MLLLM... and then you’ve completed your legend run. Kabam did not leave much wiggle room for other champs to compete.
  • DeadmaddyDeadmaddy Posts: 107
    I know people who did it with OR
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