Looking for a Chill 5x5 Tier 1 or 2 AW alliance without a lot of event minimums (5,200+ Prestige)

I've been spending way too much time on this game than I should, doing arena grinds and constantly logging in throughout the day... And it's starting to affect my life in a negative way.... I'm trying to find an alliance that still easily finishes map 5 and is fairly competitive in AW... but without event minimums.


  • iliq03iliq03 Posts: 11
    What's your ign?
  • Sportsfan365Sportsfan365 Posts: 364
    My IGN name and line name are the same, sportsfan365, hit me up if you're still looking for an alliance. We run map 5x5 and score 90+ points in AQ expert tier
  • RyanGolfRyanGolf Posts: 39
    Contact me on line: ryangolf123
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