Kabam Black Friday Record year Mobile Game Spending (Congrats)

RaiserRaiser Posts: 424 ★★
Just wanna say congratulation on this one Kabam. I personally acknowledge the offer was sooooo goood...


  • Deadpool87Deadpool87 Posts: 379 ★★★
    And not one single cent from me! But I also have bills to pay...Sigh the life of an adult with not a lot of disposable income.
  • Liss_Bliss_Liss_Bliss_ Posts: 1,458 ★★★★

    I literally can't take them seriously anymore. $50 million in one day and the game is like this? What a joke

    You mean $2.7m.. or did you watch the prof hoff video where he quoted the wrong number?
    He was referring to Black Friday. SMGDFH
  • WorknprogressWorknprogress Posts: 5,666 ★★★★★

    I literally can't take them seriously anymore. $50 million in one day and the game is like this? What a joke

    That's how much was spent on mobile gaming on BF. MCOC did 2.7M of it
  • Haji_SaabHaji_Saab Posts: 5,093 ★★★★★
    Good for them ... they made currently the best game on mobile platform .. deserve every bit of it
  • DęłtåDęłtå Posts: 295
    Will they get a more stable better network now ?
  • JakearoundJakearound Posts: 359 ★★★
    Wow! 2.7 million in one day (or weekend)? Not bad Kabam. Now stop nerfing champs that (make the game unbalanced).
  • AshMoskovAshMoskov Posts: 54
    They should give us good reward for this achievement....Hope so..We don't know Kabam
  • ChubsWhiteChubsWhite Posts: 457 ★★★
    Lol, this is nothing to be proud of, $55 million spent on a mobile video game, 😂😂😂
  • Vdh2008Vdh2008 Posts: 966 ★★★★
    Imagine what would have been spent if the "deals" had actually been GOOD!
  • DrAwkwardPhDDrAwkwardPhD Posts: 222 ★★
    There are no congratulations in order, after they took in all that money and then release another update that leaves the game in shambles once again.

    Take that $55M and invest in your R&D!

    Or put some of the Content Creators on payroll and give them the task of testing new champions/abilities/interactions, so we can play a game without new champions breaking the old ones.
  • WorknprogressWorknprogress Posts: 5,666 ★★★★★
    Some absolutely horrendous reading comprehension around here. No wonder some of you have some many problems with champ abilities and nodes
  • doctorbdoctorb Posts: 964 ★★★
    First, I love the deals, was great.
    I especially love how u ran black Friday and cyber monday deals together over period of several days. Thank u and please keep doing this in the future.

    Second, how about some love and appreciation, maybe a free 5* or 6* crystal based on level of completion? 😋
  • TehsigzorzTehsigzorz Posts: 1,239 ★★★★
    zuffy said:

    $42.1m of mobile games earning came from AppStore. And android users crying why iPhone users get update/priority over android.

    IOS accounts for 60% of all revenue, I dont think its enough to have this much discrepancy
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