R4 5* Blade or Killmonger

Need a decision support ;)

I can RankUp Killmonger or Blade to R4, both unduped. I`m Cavalier and my next goals are to 100% Act5 and the Variants...also I will use the Champ for AW Offense/AQ.
For Killmonger i have a 6* Sabretooth (no Void 4/5/6*), for Blade i have 5* R4 sparky and GR as a maxed 4*, Mephisto 5* R2, Dorm 4* R3.
My other top 5* Champs are CMM (R5), Sparky, Venom, Medusa, MODOK, Sym Supreme, AA (all R4) and 6* Sentinel, Sabretooth, BlackBolt.

Thanks for your help :)

R4 5* Blade or Killmonger 14 votes

TerraChelseaFCEtjamaNimorValdeSheDroveMeHereIbby 7 votes
Lvernon15FR33_HUG5LordRaymond3ThatOneMasterGamerRockypantherxFiiNCH 6 votes
Wait for Fury
Fhfjghhggggjfhfjg 1 vote


  • FR33_HUG5FR33_HUG5 Posts: 1,197 ★★★★
    I have my 5* Killmonger at R4 and have not regretted spending the resources.

    He is a beast that turns meat grinders into quivering masses of jello. You will not regret his versatility.
  • EinfachSoEinfachSo Posts: 209
    This poll helped me a lot :D:p
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