How can i log into my main account not my 2nd account

I recently got a new ipad and got mcoc. When i logged in it asked me if i wanted to start a new game or continue a game. I chose to continue my game. It loaded and then it logged me into my 2nd account! I want to now log into my main account, Dash man city o, if you know anything plz tell me


  • Did you create a Kabam ID for that main account ? If so, just log into game using that main account's email/password.

    I suspect that your main account on old device was maybe never attached to a Kabam ID, and then when you created a 2nd acct that is when you make an ID (but it was just for the 2nd account).
    If so, you need to go back to old device and create/attach a Kabam ID to that initial game account.
  • EssenceEssence Posts: 24
    How do I attach my main account on the old device to a kabam ID
  • CassyCassy Posts: 739 ★★
    Start screen, left top gear Tab, login, create Kabam Account

    You need a valid E-Mail. Note your creating Date sonewhere.
    If you want to change E-Mail you need such Info.
  • Hey Essence, THIS article provides instructions to help you create a Kabam ID and transfer your game progress to a new device. If you need further assistance with this process, I recommend reaching out to our Support Team by clicking HERE.

    Alternatively, if you would prefer to contact our Support Team from within the game, simply click on the gear shaped icon, located in the top left corner of the Home screen. From there, tap the button which says “Support”, then tap the button that says “Need more help? Contact us”.
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