Welcome any full suicide tips for quests, wars, story lines, synergies, Leveling up, master ect...


  • KrisGJJKrisGJJ Posts: 60
    Suicides not good for war defense.

    But you will get used to them in all other content.

    I’ve been able to clear all variants, LoL, act 6.1 6.2 and 6.3 all with suicides.
  • MathinaMathina Posts: 83
    I'm having trouble with bane in act 5.2.5. I can't parry Consistently. That's why I switched to suicides. We only do war between Quest season if it doesn't interfere, which I'm fine with since I'm running suicides anyway.
  • AddyosAddyos Posts: 911 ★★★
    In my opinion, unless you're an insane arena grinder and/or using suicide-friendly champions like Omega Red, Corvus and Ghost, suicides aren't worth using. You obviously can't use many Special 1 & 2 attacks due to recoil damage, and you will be limited to using a few champs with some immunities for clearing content such as CMM or Warlock.

    Take it from a 3 year arena grinder who only recently started using suicides on a full-time basis because I have the 3 suicides-friendly champs mentioned before to maximize their usage. And I don't even run Liquid Courage though it's unlocked. And will take suicides back off when I'm tackling certain content and can't utilise those champs.

    And you don't have to rely on Parry to beat Bane. One method I employ is to have a bar of power saved up, and wait till I see the Bane timer reach a quarter way before I launch a 5-hit combo and chain a Special 1 attack immediately after. 9 out of 10 times Bane transfers right back onto the opponent within the duration of the Sp1 attack.
  • Arch Angel and regen champs like Voodoo or X23 or Wolverine and using boosts will help you get thru bane nodes without needing suicides
  • MathinaMathina Posts: 83
    The only way I was to get 100% of act 4 is suicides. But obviously I don't know much about act 5. Lol. Will ya'll who don't recommend suicides show me a screenshot of your mastery. Keep in mind just about the only time I can parry is at Opening of fight when you meet. And sometimes once during fight. And I've been practicing for months. Lol.
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