Why am I doing arena again...?

WessWess Posts: 21
Arenas have been flooded with bots lately all named the same, making it much more difficult for us free to play players to get champions, and overall %. Why is nobody talking about this?


  • CoatHang3rCoatHang3r Posts: 3,814 ★★★★★
    Talking about cheating does two things, makes people upset and promotes cheating. It doesn’t solve it.

    There was a time when less than half the number of players got the champion in those arenas. What if that increase in availability made up for bots and then went above and beyond their impact awarding more champions to legit players.
  • WessWess Posts: 21
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    Well the players waiting their time should know this then, that’s why I want to talk about it. And maybe kabam would acknowledge it.. and try to fix it
  • ECOMAECOMA Posts: 328 ★★
    Its whack a mole ban one cheater 3 more appear. I mean its way to ban em but does that alone do any good?

  • CoatHang3rCoatHang3r Posts: 3,814 ★★★★★
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    It should be noted by someone so I’ll volunteer. The group that raised the issue this round has apparently been shut down, search them up, they haven’t been logging in. If you see something say something, to support.
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