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After looking at our data across all the game modes we have determined that Cull Obsidian is out damaging every other high-damage Champion in the game. While he does have his limiting factors, once he's fully ramped up he is able to end fights before even high-level Opponents can do any meaningful damage to him. The goal of Cull’s rebalance is to make tuning changes that keeps Cull Obsidian as one of the top damage dealers in-game, but with a more reasonable margin.


  • While Cull has no Persistent Charges his damage is average, and he does take slightly above average damage, due to having to block/parry for longer. Though even in these early fights the damage he’s taking isn’t that much higher than other champions.
  • It only takes a few Persistent Charges (PVs)’s for Cull to get rolling, it’s really only his 1st fight that he’s “below average”, so he doesn’t really care about most of his ramp.
  • Once Cull’s PV is fully ramped his damage becomes massive, and fights end so fast he only needs to parry a few times before they’re over so he takes basically no damage, and is able to brute force through pretty much any matchup.
  • He also has a reasonably high skill impact, but without actually adding much difficulty once an ideal/efficient rotation is identified.
  • Cull’s DMG comes from stacking multipliers, but his Armor Breaks seems to be the most important multiplier.
  • When we look at where his damage is coming from, we see that the further ramped up he is, the greater the % of his damage comes from Rout. This is likely due to it becoming easier to time his Rout to benefit from multiple armor breaks and his large Attack bonuses from the Thanos’s Favor Buffs.

Objectives of changes:

  • Reduce his fully ramped DPS, but maintain Cull as a (if not the) top damage dealer in content/fights where he excels. But force a Ramped Cull to respect matchups he’s not appropriate for.
  • Do not increase his block proficiency, but increase DPS at 0 PV so he ends early fights faster
  • Introduce a feeling of Burst and Lull to Cull’s DPS output


This chart shows Cull, Ronin and Venom (left to right) in fights against Winter Soldier in the Realm of Legends. The Orange Triangle represents their DPS, and the Blue represents their Damage Done vs Damage Received (higher is better).

This data is representative of his DPS in the first fight of a quest, with 0 PVs

This chart features the same Champions in a fight against Hulk in the ROL. Representing a later fight in a Quest, with high or full ramp up. Note that Ronin has a Class Advantage in this matchup.

This chart shows his DPS vs the same Champions over the course of Realm of Legends, and is separated by Player’s Experience Percentiles. This shows that as a player grows more skilled in the Game, the division between Cull Obsidian’s DPS and the other Champions grows significantly larger.

This chart shows a Comparison of Cull’s DPS vs other high damage dealing Champions throughout Act 6. This is also separated by Player Skill level, with our most skilled again having a much larger division from Summoners that take more damage.

X = Cull
Circle = Aegon
Triangle (Pointed Down) = Domino
Cross = Hyperion
Star = Ronin
Triangle (Pointed Right) = Captain America (Infinity War)


Heavy Armor Break
  • Mod: -1400 -> -1130.77
  • Duration: 10 seconds -> 14 seconds
  • Chance: 50% -> 75%
Thanos’s Favor Bonuses: 15% -> 5% Duration and Ability Accuracy per Charge
Sig Fury
  • Duration 5 -> 4 seconds
  • Modifier 4549.15 -> 4057.35
These changes should somewhat shorten the DPS gap between him and everyone else once he's fully ramped up, while still allowing him to remain a top attacker, and even increase his DPS in early fights before he has built up charges.


  • RagamugginGunnerRagamugginGunner Posts: 2,210 ★★★★★
    edited January 2020
    Def gonna sell him. Not worth a rank with so many actually good cosmics out there.
  • Mase1127Mase1127 Posts: 60 ★★
    @Kabam Miike - does this mean if I had used a gem on Cull then add 20 sigs from a 5* crystal, that I get him back dupped, my AG and used sig stones to go along with the other resources?
  • iRetr0iRetr0 Posts: 1,250 ★★★★

    iRetr0 said:

    Is it possible to increase his block proficiency? It's absolutely horrendous, I think it's only fair to do that. Maybe boost it up to 63 to 67% instead of the 54% now.

    We're not going to do that at this time, but instead chose to increase the amount of Damage he can do with 0 Charges, so he can finish those fights where he's not very ramped up a little quicker.

    While some users take more Damage with Cull because of blocking, our data shows that the more skilled you are with him, the less and less this is a factor.
    Thanks for the answer. I am a Cull noob as I got him recently and took straight to rank 4, how do the changes increase his amount of damage at 0 charges? I thought he ALWAYS has 1 charge.
  • MEKA5 said:

    @Kabam Miike this nerf is not terrible.
    You're basically lowering is damage output to match other champions, but other champions have defensive mechanisms that Cull does not have.

    It's a high risk-high reward choice...many games have this kind of characters.
    So why changing him at all?

    Because this is what Rebalances are about. Small changes that keep them relevant, but not game breaking.
  • slackerslacker Posts: 755 ★★★
    Here we go again with money and unit stuff...
  • DPInfinityDPInfinity Posts: 3
    I think we all appreciate the fact you guys took time to give the how and why for the rebalances, I especially like seeing the graphs of the DPS spread out over the top skilled players. This is much better than any kind of rebalance post you guys have done before @Kabam Miike
  • DaveX1992DaveX1992 Posts: 21
    @Kabam Miike what if I sell my cull obsidian and during the time I don’t have him I pull him for a crystal? What will happen then? New champ? Shards? ISO? Thank you!
  • Munei_101Munei_101 Posts: 7
    We notice that annihulus is still going to be a top tier defender. Plus your buffing his attack that’s hardly fair because cull is a terrible defender. If you make him less viable option for attack he should have full persistent charges when placed as a defender if it’s balance you seek fix Havoc on defense as well.
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