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Annihilus Rebalance Information



When we first looked at Annihilus, we found that he’s performing quite well as a Defender, but was underperforming as an Attacker. While Annihilus has some strong utility as an Attacker, we found that his Damage Potential was suffering, due to tight timing windows.


From left to Right, the blue colums indicate: Total Encounters, Times Undefeated (Defender remained at the end of the War), Win Rate.

  • These are the Defensive Win Rates across all nodes in Alliance War on the Expert Tier.
  • When creating a Champion who is intended to be a strong defender these win rates are somewhere around where we would like them to be.
  • The 93% in Villain is quite high, however it requires a certain Defense Tactic, and his overall encounters are low compared to other potent defenders in the game.
  • As players gain more experience fighting Annihilus over time, these win rates will go down.
Alliance War Attack
  • This Graph shows Annihlus' Win Rates when used in Alliance War Attack
  • We’ve compared him to an assortment of Champions. Some included are Angela, Beast, Doctor Voodoo, Colossus, Corvus Glaive, Crossbones, and Drax.
  • Annihilus' win rate is amongst the lowest at 30%

Using the same Graph and the same Champions, we compared their DPS
Annihilus is amongst the lowest at 941

Intention of his Changes:

  • Increase his attacker potency without affecting his win rate on defense
  • Give Annihilus more time to capitalize on his Fury's he creates from his Special 2.
  • A single Special Attack from the Opponent would waste almost half of the duration. Annihlhus' play style is very aggressive and would often leave his Opponents with lots of power.

Actual Changes:

  • Increase the duration of the Fury he converts from his Special 2 from 12 seconds to 18 seconds.
  • Added a timer icon to display how long the Special 1 pauses Stifles on the Opponent.


  • DynastyDynasty Posts: 30
    Does his special 1 pause Stifle for more than 6 seconds?
  • GNASTYGNASTY Posts: 328 ★★
    Crud. I’ve been really eagerly awaiting this and a tad disappointed to be honest. His kit is honestly fun and good but the main issue is his stifles just don’t last long enough in all practicality. If you guys just increased the stifle time it would be easier to actually make him viable.
  • mrTequilasmrTequilas Posts: 27
    i'd love to see an increase in the duration and potency of his fury at his 1st medium
  • Zuko_ILCZuko_ILC Posts: 1,255 ★★★★
    I thought his fury would get a potency buff all this seems to do is make him a tougher attacker if he gets off an l2. Don't think this is pushes me over the edge to rank him up for offensive purposes though.
  • I was expecting more here but I can't say much till I see the changes in effect for myself.
    Overall, I think the team did a very good job on the rebalances & I really appreciate the seeing data & graphs.
  • mrTequilasmrTequilas Posts: 27
    We need toys to play with, not pawns, that goes for Ebony Maw aswell
  • FluffyPigMonsterFluffyPigMonster Posts: 1,280 ★★★★
    This is a huge improvement.

    I don’t think people realize the damage he does after he stacks his furies.

    I may R5 him now
  • TeddersTedders Posts: 82
    cap iw plus cosmic synergy will push his fury buffs to 22.5 seconds after the rebalance, i would have been nice to see something like each stifle reduces power gain by 20 percent. This would help to stay really aggressive in the fight
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,274 ★★★★★
    He really needs more, double armour break potency extra stifle duration and extra stifle pause in l1 and 3 by a good 5 seconds and he’s be a good damage dealer, but this won’t do anything I don’t think
  • StevieManWonderStevieManWonder Posts: 3,938 ★★★★★
    Here's my suggestion as someone who plays a lot of Annilihus: Increase the duration of the pause of his stifle by four to five seconds to allow him to gain more furies off his sp2. That's it.
  • Personally I think the paused duration on the stifles needs to be longer. I’m aware of the 6 seconds, knowing how long it is isn’t the problem. You can’t ramp him up at all. The most I’ve ever accomplished is 4 furies on the s2. Kind of a letdown tbh.
  • Monkey_22Monkey_22 Posts: 16
    I don’t see how this is a buff to his offensive ability’s. It just seems like you made one of the more annoying defenders in the game more of a pain to fight. I really hope you guys reconsider the buff before you release it so you can notice how this guy hits like a little kid
  • HenriqueSCCPHenriqueSCCP Posts: 197
    Annihilus will then give more work in the defense, you will increase his damage, he will take more life from the attackers, now with this global AW knot for villains, he became more absurd, with this penetration in the block and increase the skills, in the knot that has to be heavy to remove the indestructible, not to counter attack his heavy with my heavy, the Unstoppable's time lasts much longer than the duration of his heavy attack.
    Shorten the duration of the Unstoppable.
  • DynastyDynasty Posts: 30
    You should increase the strength of his fury buffs and make his special 1 pause stifles a lot longer than 6 seconds.
  • Umar7Umar7 Posts: 37
    This is the worst rebalance. The guy is a plain noodle. Just increase his damage output and attack. Increasing fury duration doesn't matter at all.
  • Umar7Umar7 Posts: 37
    edited January 2020
    Definitely ranking him down, this rebalance is a let off. Just increase his attack. Even with a huge stack of armor breaks and furies, his damage is still underwhelming. All the aggressive buildup and sp2 is pretty useless. Hyperion gets the same no.of furies with a single heavy while with annihilus u have to go through hell the get there and still he doesn't hit hard like Hyperion because his base attack/damage is too damn low
  • WrenbooWrenboo Posts: 6
    I am a tad confused and was hoping someone @kabam ish might help with!
    I have 6* 1/35 Annihilus and by the posted chart he gets defensive kills 72% of the time base line.... I am in an alliance that is more relaxed and only at silver2. My Annihilus gets 0 defensive kills... period. What are the stats you are comparing to see that 72%? I really thought he would be an amazing defender but so far I am far from whelmed
  • WrenbooWrenboo Posts: 6
    My apologies.... 1/25.... tiny keypad...
  • Scopeotoe987Scopeotoe987 Posts: 1,383 ★★★★
    Selling cull to rank him up, good job, but I think it could have been 20 seconds to make him way better.
  • MehtamanishMehtamanish Posts: 6
    Good job by kabam ...
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