Something has gone wrong

Everytime I try to search from the main forum discussion page using the embedded search bar I receive that error. Followed by:

We've run into a problem and are unable to handle this request right now.
Please check back in a little while.

Thought I should let the webmaster know....


  • We are aware of this, and have reported it to our Service Provider.
  • MagonusMagonus Posts: 188
    @Kabam Miike Thanks Mike. @LucianoDelHoya LOL
  • We are aware of this, and have reported it to our Service Provider.

    Hey Miike, while your team is discussing the FORUM SEARCH Issue with your Service Provider, can you maybe also inquire about the problem of DUPLICATE (or even Triplicate) POSTINGS.

    Seems like maybe a delay in registering the POST button for a NEW DISCUSSION (maybe it is busy saving to Drafts during initial New Post) is allowing the POST to be pressed a 2nd time, and resulting in Duplicate Posts way too often by a lot of people.

    And then that just take up your Moderators time having to go and cleanup/delete the extras.

    I’ve seen similar unresponsiveness when doing a POST REPLY within an existing thread, but in all those cases (initial press doesn’t seem to be recognized, sometimes because it is busy saving as a Draft) at least it doesn’t result in Duplicate Replies. So something must be different with the CREATING of a New Discussion versus Replying to an existing post.
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