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Human Torch Rebalance Information

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After looking at Human Torch’s data, it was pretty evident that he’s very strong in specific matchups (mainly against Mystics, or when using his pre-fight abilities), but was underperforming in other matches. His original goal was to be great in certain matchups, but also to be a decent attacker in other matches as well. For his balance change, we decided to increase the rate at which he gains Temperature, allowing him to easily access his higher levels of damage, without making him better in matches where he already shines.


  • The data shows a correlation between his average Temperature during a fight, and his fight performance.
  • We also did a specific investigation into DPS vs. Temperature. High Temperature has damage above the baseline, and low Temperature is below it.
  • In fights where he's able to maintain high temperature (consistently above 10, often above 17) and/or a high number of incinerates and smoulders, his damage is about 15% higher than the baseline.
  • In fights where he cannot maintain Temperature (consistently below 10), his damage is 15-40% lower than the baseline, depending on just how low his temperature is.
  • In examining DPS across all his matchups, good, average, and bad, Human Torch spends more time at low Temperature levels, so his damage across all fights and matchups is below baseline.
  • Important to note here that our "baseline" in this case is Ronin. We identified him as a Champion who we don't want to change, and believe is in a very good place balance-wise.

Objective of Changes:

  • Would like to improve his performance in his less than ideal matchups, without making him even better in the fights he’s already good at.
  • Still want him to exist on either side of the damage baseline, depending on the player's ability to skillfully play as Human Torch and pick the correct matchups.
  • Want to narrow the gap between his best and worst fights.


The Following Charts are a comparison of his DPS, divided across different categories of Temperature. For example, L40%+M40%-H20%- means the player spent more than 40% of their time at low temperature (<=10), less than 40% at medium (>10, <=17) and less than 20% at high (>17, < =20).

From Left to Right, the Temperature ranges represented are:
-"Frequently low temp, infrequently at medium, infrequently at high"
-"Frequently low, infrequently medium, frequently high"
-"Frequently low, frequently medium, infrequently high"
-"Frequently low, frequently medium, frequently high" (balanced)
-"Infrequently low, infrequently medium, frequently high"
-"Infrequently low, frequently medium, infrequently high"
-"Infrequently low, frequently medium, frequently high"

This chart doesn’t include fights against Mystic Champions, or fights where his Pre-Fight Ability is active. Against Mystic Champions his DPS improves by 20-60% (depending on Temperature), and while is Pre-Fight Ability is active it improves by 30-80% (also depending on Temperature).

The chart below illustrates where Human Torch resides on the DPS Percentile Scale. He is indicated by the highlighted Square. This chart is representative of our most Skilled Players.

Please note: Cull Obsidian has been removed from the Realm of Legends DPS, as he compresses the rest of the champions significantly.

It’s also important to note that this is representative of his overall use. Since Human Torch tends to be used more in matchups where he would be very good, his DPS on this chart is higher than it would be in less opportune matches.


  • The rate at which Temperature increases while charging Heavy is increased by 25%.
  • This may seem like a small change, but he can now go from 0-20 Temperature in approximately 2 seconds, which means he can reach Max Temperature from both a Parry, and from his SP2.
  • Additionally, because Temperature doesn't fall off for a few seconds when it reaches 20 (max), being able to easily reach Max Temperature has a compounding effect on how much time he spends at high Temperature overall.
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  • kfd2010kfd2010 Posts: 418 ★★
    I've only started playing around with my 4* Torch and this was actually my big issue. It was so tough to use him in non Mystic/energy dealing match ups. So speeding him on the temperature should do exactly what's intended. I dig this.
  • Colinwhitworth69Colinwhitworth69 Posts: 3,681 ★★★★★
    Thanks. Any buff to a champ I use all the time is welcome.

    And BTW you handled this round of changes well and should be applauded for the even-handedness of the changes and the thoroughness of the explanations.
  • What about not being able to use his prefight ability more than once??
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 28,236 ★★★★★
    I like it.
  • Zuko_ILCZuko_ILC Posts: 1,260 ★★★★
    I think this was a much needed change, I felt like my max temp would drop too much too fast. This should help him out a lot in other fights not just mystics. Great change!
  • Eternal_1Eternal_1 Posts: 4
    Mad love to you man...you created the best points...he is good but his temp is hard to maintain (without synergy)...it always took 2 parries to get it up...and its very hard to do that...
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,478 ★★★★★
    Honestly I think this is the perfect change, in the true endgame (abyss 6.3 etc) he was an amazing champion because this content has many niche fights where he shines, but when it came to mid and earlier act 6 he really didn’t see much, this should give him a pretty solid damage boost there and also let him enter nova form much easier in a general matchup, now if only I could get him...
  • RU11011RU11011 Posts: 875 ★★★★
    Liking this buff. HT was already pretty good, which made me confused by the announcement of this, but I see what you guys were going for. This is pretty amazing!
  • Austin555555Austin555555 Posts: 2,961 ★★★★★
    I love this. This is just amazing.
  • Well done Kabam
    Kudos to the team
  • frzbrfrzbr Posts: 3
    DarkOne said:

    What about not being able to use his prefight ability more than once??

    when awakened, you have a chance to get a new charge... i think the chances could be raised a few, but i'm ok with that...
    I like it. Wouldve preferred if maybe it was that his heat dissipates 25% slower but this should be nice
  • RookiieRookiie Posts: 3,269 ★★★★★
    That's great, but is it enough? His crit rating is quite low, and his Sig Ability leaves much to be desired.
  • TopLoonaticTopLoonatic Posts: 1
    I agree with GOTTAGO, heat dissipating at a slower rate would have been a better change in conjunction with increased block proficiency.
  • Galaxy_186Galaxy_186 Posts: 30
    So does this mean that prestige and P.I will be altered as well?
  • NachexNachex Posts: 6
    lo mejoraron y eso esta bien pero deberian de subir un poco mas la "probabilidad" de recuperar la carga nova es uy baja hasta en un 200 apenas es de 40% deberian subirlo minimo a 60% sino no tiene razon el despertarlo y ascenderlo , y otra cosa a los misticos no los deja eludir pero si a las arañas eso deberian de solucionar. GRACIAS
  • Troy_Elric123Troy_Elric123 Posts: 465 ★★★
    This is good. You can easily bring boarderline useless champs up just be changing the numbers on them . Like crit rate, fury duration and potency, bleed potency, stackability. Overall Enhancement to basic abilities of the given champ. As for agent venom, i have seen no difference in spider champs evasion when using him and it is obe of the 10 or mote abilities of venom after buff . May he you can give AV that. Daredevil etc only need similar treatments.

    Hawkeye is a champ whose sole ability is that he is the best marksman. May be you can make him immune to 'Miss' mechanic.
  • andre98andre98 Posts: 20
    I like this. I only used him with the thing synergie because of the temperature being so slow. This will make him more injoyable for sure.
    DarkOne said:

    What about not being able to use his prefight ability more than once??

    That's what his Sig is for
  • Colonaut123Colonaut123 Posts: 2,833 ★★★★★
    Okay I guess, Human Torch is quite underrated and I feared any change would make him OP. But this is by far the best balance change you've made.
  • GroovymodeGroovymode Posts: 1
    Would it be too much if in changing Human torch you guys at Kabam could give him a synergy or cross fight ability to increase the damage of incinerates for other champs. I'm sure other champs like Phoenix, Modok, Claire voyant, etc might benefit from extra damage.
  • BackjrBackjr Posts: 31
    Is a 5star worth a science gem?
  • It would be great if he was immune to plasma detonate to align him with the comics @Kabam Miike
  • styvestyve Posts: 1
    Due to exposure to cosmic rays, Johnny gained the primary power to wrap his entire body (without causing any damage) in fire / plasma. Johnny has a high degree of control over his powers, being able to manifest his fire / plasma in a variety of ways, fantastic and has will.
    Is the description of the hero in the comics in a nutshell would have to be immune to plasma
    @Kabam Miike
  • WhathappenedWhathappened Posts: 747 ★★★
    Backjr said:

    Is a 5star worth a science gem?

    Yeah but doesn't need it as much as Thing .
  • Should we sell only namor and cull
    Or even johnny
  • PrezRio4PrezRio4 Posts: 81
    plasma is only a state of matter and can appear in many different ways so asking for Human Torch to be inmune to plasma because he has plasma itself is like asking for Thing to be inmune to frostbite because he is already solid
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