I guess my account is Professor X (Also, Act 4)

Hi, I just started the game last Jan. 18 and defeated Act 3 in 4 days with the help of the 4* champ I got from the Acorn Event, Red Skull. So after 2 weeks of playing the game I guess I'm getting a pretty good roster but almost everyone is a damn mutant (not that I'm complaining. I love the X-men.)

So the problem is who should I prioritize? Also, can you help me decide which to upgrade from my other roster that will be of help to clear Act 4? Thanks!
  • Havok 4* Rank 3
  • Iceman (Duped) 4* Rank 4 (From Arena)
  • Sunspot 4* Rank 1 (From Arena)
  • Bishop 4* Rank 3
  • Colossus 4* Rank 1
My other rosters that I think I will use in Act 4:
  • Scarlet Witch 4* Rank 2
  • Stealth Spider-man 4* Rank 2 (I love this. I have a 3* Rank 4 that helped a lot in defeating Thanos)
  • Iron Fist 5* Rank 2 (My first 5* from Acorn event)
  • Red Skull 4* Rank 3
  • Elsa Bloodstone 4* Rank 1 (She has a good damage output I think)
  • Thor (Ragnarok) 4* Rank 1 (Synergy reliant?)
  • Night Thrasher 4* Rank 1 (I heard that this needs to be duped)
  • Ghost Rider 4* Rank 1
Will be of no use, I guess:
  • Venompool 5* Rank 1 (Pretty disappointing as my 2nd 5*)
  • King Groot 4* Rank 1
  • Korg 4* Rank 1
Tips and suggestions on how to clear Act 4 will be appreciated! I'm on Chapter 1 Quest 5 right now.


  • ChubsWhiteChubsWhite Posts: 358 ★★★
    Havok and Iceman
    Stealth Suit
    Ghost Rider > Scarlet Witch
    Red Skull (for now until you pull someone better like Warlock / Ghost / Stark Spidey)
  • VendemiaireVendemiaire Posts: 75
    Okay. Time for Bishop to retire.

    I didn't realize Ghost Rider was that good until after I read his skills. I was too hyped by my SW.

    Warlock is supposed to appear as a basic in Arena this month as I've read. I'll get one. :)

  • booscka2536booscka2536 Posts: 241
    you must put in some hardcore grinding in the arena if y9ur puling champsnafter such a short time congrats op
  • VendemiaireVendemiaire Posts: 75
    It honestly took my weekend. 1 round rakes me 100-150k with my 3 stars and a few 4 stars roster. My quota for a day is 500k.

    I'm taking advantage of the beginner's bracket since I don't think I can win champions when my account goes veteran. Thanks to Seatin's beginner's tips.
  • PantherusNZPantherusNZ Posts: 680 ★★★
    The jump-start that those champs will give you will be huge. Well done!
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