Minor Adjustments to Silver Surfer

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I've put a lot of thought into Silver Surfer and his standing in the contest. I was lucky enough to get a 4* Surfer from a Radd Crystal (then awaken him) so I've been able to use him on a good amount of content. My thoughts after spending a couple months fighting with him...

Personally, I love using Surfer. He's one of my favorites in the Contest. But he takes a lot of getting used to and he can be underwhelming at times. My biggest issue is that Surfer is unable to sustain over multiple fights. While he is great in some matchups, Surfer is one of the most durable heroes in the Marvel Universe, and I think some slight adjustments could go a long way for his utility.

I wanted to offer a couple of suggestions to increase his usefulness. Each suggestion is separate from the others (I am not suggesting multiple buffs - just listing a few that I think would be sufficient on their own).

Suggestion 1: Poison Immune
This gives Surfer more utility for certain paths in AQ. You could also use suicides to boost his attack. Poison immune also puts Surfer in line with many other Cosmic Champions (Ms Marvel, Hyperion, Ronan, etc.)

Suggestion 2: Slightly Higher Base Damage
Rather than being poison immune and using suicides, perhaps a small increase to Surfer's base damage would do the trick. This would allow for quicker fights and less health lost.

Suggestion 3: Higher Block Proficiency
Surfer seems to take a lot of damage when he blocks. If he took a bit less, it would increase his ability to sustain in quests. The same could be said for an increase in perfect block chance (maybe only during a well timed block?).

Suggestion 4: Regeneration
This is among his most important powers in the comic books. Maybe if Surfer consumed the Power Cosmic above a certain power level, he could drain his power and heal (similar to Blade). Maybe using a heavy attack to consume the power cosmic with 3 unique buffs grants a small burst of healing.

I'd love to hear others' thoughts on Surfer as well.


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