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    I saw someone suggest this villain, and thought "do you know what? Yeah!"

    The Blob

    Frederick Dukes is the mighty Blob.
    Blob has very high basic health, attack and physical resistance, but due to his incredible laziness and poor attacking skills, he has a very low critical rate and damage.

    Signature: Defensive Focus
    Blob learns to focus his abilities to a greater extent: When blocking, Blob has up to an 85% chance to be able to block Unblockable attacks, and his defensive ability accuracy rises by the same amount. Nothing can move The Blob!

    Blob has a basic 20% chance to resist the impact effect of a heavy attack (stacks with 'Stand your ground' Mastery). This rises by up to 18% depending how small his opponent is.

    Blob's thickened, rubbery skin reduces the likelihood of a Bleed or Armour Break effect triggering by 40%, and reduces the duration and damage of these effects by 40%. When receiving Physical Critical Hits, he reduces the critical damage by 40%.

    When attacked:
    20% chance to Resist Physical 560 for 5 seconds.

    When attacking:
    Blob gains +10% Attack on all Dash attacks.
    10% chance for Fury, granting +30% Attack for 5 seconds.

    S1: 20%* chance​ to be Unblockable
    S2: 33%* chance​ to be Unblockable
    S3: 70% chance to cause Concussion (-60% Ability Accuracy for eight seconds)

    * plus 12% if Fury active.

    Colossus - Nemesis (+10% Attack)
    Juggernaut - Unique (Buffs for both champions last +20% longer)
    Wolverine - Enemy (+5% Crit Rating)

    Blob isn't complicated to play with, and as well as being a useful villain, would be a kind of fun antidote to the incredibly complicated champions being released recently. Nothing can move The Blob!
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    Has there ever been an official poll on reskins? I see the OP mentions MANY fans like them, but I very rarely hear them celebrated. I think a big issue is some of them are just complete copies with no change (CM/MM), and others are reskins of characters that many people don't enjoy (Cyclops/Magneto).
    I don't mind stuff like SIM and Cosmic Spidey as much because at least there's a class change or even the IIF and OG vision ones since those are hard to find, but these other ones definitely seemed lazy. I'd rather there just be a uniform swap option for each character since, as stated, most of them have had different outfits. They do not need separate champs for each hairstyle, etc. though.
  • CavalierCavalier Posts: 246
    It has been brought up before, and I more or less said the same thing. I don't want many versions of the same hero, but I would like the ability to change the uniform.
  • Silver_trumpetSilver_trumpet Posts: 27
    Shocker, scarlet spider, quicksilver, mysterio, sandman, Adam worlok, sentry, odin, beetle, fantastic 4, black order, zemo, red skull
  • jaylerdjaylerd Posts: 113

    He would essentially be a reskin of Venom, but rather than gain a new buff every few seconds, he instead mirrors an opposing buff of the opponent.

    For example:

    Every time your opponent gets an offensive buff, you gain a defensive buff, and vice-versa: for every crit rating, you get physical resist. If they gain evade, you gain a buff limiting their ability accuracy somewhat. If your opponent gains armor, you gain fury. Your buffs expire when theirs do. Not great against champs like Hawkeye, but he's Anti-Venom - he's perfectly equipped to better fight against other symbiotes and get around their stacking buffs. And he would MURDER groot and old man logan during their little temper tantrums.

    Alternatively, he could gain one buff for every debuff he experiences. So if he gets weakness, he'll get regen. If he gets degen, he'll get fury. Unlike the above example, this isn't a 1-1 cancellation out of the debuff effect. The buff you get won't automatically negate the debuff you have - if you gained regen with a degen, for instance, you might as well have neither - but rather make you more deadly or less vulnerable in other ways. If you don't hit as hard, you'll heal up a bit or have some extra armor. If you're losing health or have an armor break, you're going to hit very hard.

    In short:

    option 1: for every buff your opponent gains, you gain a buff that will help to counter it
    option 2: for every debuff you have, you gain a buff that enhances you opposite to how the debuff affects you - when your defenses are weaker, your attacks are more lethal, and when you're attacks are weaker your defenses increase.
  • JabbawokkyJabbawokky Posts: 139
    Sabretooth, anti venom, and thing. They all already have arch enemies in game. Other than that I would say retune and even the playing field of all the champs already in game before bringing more new champs in. Some of the current champs are grossly underrepresented powerwise. For ex. Hulk should be at or near the top of the pile because very few can defeat him single handed. He has no berserker rage in game or healing and hulk heals from everything. When Hulk use to go berserk he was unstoppable. Fix these tech champs or just do away with all but 2 iron man. Hulk should be god tier in science.
  • CavalierCavalier Posts: 246
    They just brought back Omega Red in X-Men gold. He would be awesome in game.
  • DavidHokeDavidHoke Posts: 22
    Wishlist Update:

    Characters Added to the Game - Iceman, Archangel, Psylocke, Carnage, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus

    New Characters:

    COSMIC: Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Ares, Crystal, Firelord, Gladiator, Hercules, Mantis, Moondragon, Moonstone, Quasar (Wendell Vaughn), Silver Surfer, Snowbird, Valkyrie, Warlock (technarchy)

    MUTANT: Armor, Cannonball, Dazzler, Legion, M (Monet St. Croix), Moonstar, Northstar, Sabretooth, Shadowcat, White Queen (Emma Frost)

    MYSTIC: Aegis, Blackheart, Black Knight (Dane Whitman), Captain Britain, Daimon Hellstrom, Dracula, Enchantess, Gargoyle (Isaac Christians), Man-Thing, Mephisto, Spiral, Werewolf-by-Night, White Tiger (Angela or Aya)

    SCIENCE: Baymax, Cloak, Dagger (note that these two have gone back & forth on being mutants for years but it was settled that they weren't and since this has been a common occurrence in their history I'm willing to believe it), Grey Gargoyle, High Evolutionary, Longshot, Morbius, Omega Red, Sandman, Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly), Sinister, Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), Wasp

    SKILL: Black Cat, Blade, Boomerang, Bullseye, Corsair, Ka-Zar, Misty Knight, Nick Fury (two versions: 1 based on original comic book appearance & 1 based on MCU), Night Thrasher, Paladin, Rawhide Kid, Shang-Chi, Shanna the She-Devil, Shatterstar, Silver Sable, Viper, Wong

    TECH: Bastion/Nimrod (either/or), Constrictor, Deathlok, Guardian (James Hudson), Human Torch (original android), Lady Deathstryke, MODOK, Omega Sentinel

    UNKNOWN: Arcade, Attuma, Faiza Hussain, Man-Ape, Namor, Squirrel Girl (they say she isn't a mutant anymore but don't explain her powers so???), Typhoid Mary (is a mutant technically but this is largely ignored in the comics)

    FITS MORE THAN ONE CLASS: Apocalypse - Primary: Tech, Secondary: Mutant. Why? Yes, Apocalypse is definitely a mutant with a range of powers. However, the majority of these powers come from the technology he harnessed when he was still in his youth in Egypt. I'm going to say it now so let it sink in... just because you are a mutant doesn't mean you should have to be classed as a mutant. It should be based on how the characters fight and use their powers as well as other factors such as how their abilities will factor into their in-game play.

    Bishop - Primary: Mutant; Secondary: Tech. Why? Like Apocalypse, Bishop relies a lot on technology. However, unlike him he doesn't actually enhance his powers through it. His ability to absorb and use multiple forms of energy is due to his mutant ability which is why that's where he should be classed above all else

    Madame Masque - Primary: Skill; Secondary: Tech. Why? Whitney (if you wanna go by her changed legal name) is an expert hand-to-hand combatant and marksman. Above all else she is a skill champion. I almost just put her right in that category. However, I must take into account that she does often use robotics and other forms of tech.

    Mystique - Primary: Mutant; Secondary - Skill. Why? It's no doubt that Mystique is a mutant. She is one of the biggest faces of the X-Men franchise and has been committing acts of terrorism in the name of mutantkind since her run-ins with Ms. Marvel. So, I feel she deserves to be classed as a mutant. But, as I said, before, it's about how you fight and your in-game abilities. Despite what many users seem to think Mystique is unable to do anything more than take the shape and form of her adversaries - not their powers or skills. It seems she has balanced out her more passive mutant powers by training herself extensively in combat techniques and skill with multiple forms of weaponry.


    Doctor Doom - Mystic & Tech. Doctor Doom is one of the most requested characters and for good reason. If we can have Kang then surely we can have Doom, right? Unlike the above characters who could fit two classes, I actually want to see two versions of Doom rather than just one. He is just far too complex and diverse to be pushed into one class. I would have him introduced as a Mystic and then an alt as Tech.

    Union Jack - Skill & Science. Technically, these couldn't be considered alts as they would be two separate characters who just used the same name and motif. The more current UJ is Joey Chapman whose abilities are based purely on skill. The less popular (although first and still deserving) UJ is Brian Falsworth who gained abilities similar to Captain America by taking a similar serum.


    Angel - Mutant. An alt of Archangel in his original form.
    Baron Mordo - Mystic. An alt of Mordo based on his comic book incarnation.
    Doctor Strange - Mystic. You may disagree, but I would like to see an alt of Doc Strange with different abilities since he is so complex.
    Dark Phoenix - Cosmic. An alt of Phoenix based on the evil version in the comics.
    Jean Grey - Mutant. Another alt of Phoenix based on Jean's telepathy and telekinesis.


    This may be of unpopular opinion as it would alter the game and many people's teams but I feel the following character should have their class altered. (Even though I know it won't actually happen.

    Cable - POTENTIALLY re-classed as Tech. Like Bishop, Cable often used tech to fight. Even more so. For a few years we didn't even know Cable had powers. As an infant he was infected with the t-o virus making him essentially as much tech as he is mutant. He often relied on the advanced weaponry from the future to fight while he focused his psi powers to control the virus. His teleportation and time-traveling abilities are due solely to the tech he wields. He makes sense as a mutant, yes, but more so as tech especially in a game that has so many mutant characters already and one in which a good portion of its mainstream heroes are mutants. For the sake of diversity, and because, as I said, being a mutant doesn't automatically mean you should be classed as such, he should be Tech. Just look at him in-game. He uses his mutant powers ONLY in his third special. Otherwise, he uses his gun, the t-o virus in his arm, etc.

    Deadpool - Classic reclassed as Science; X-Force reclassed as Skill. No, Deadpool is NOT a mutant. I dare you to find a panel in the comics that say he is. He does not possess an x-gene. You have to possess the x-gene to be a mutant. Some humans have dormant x-genes that are awoken by outside stimuli. That is not the same thing as having a recessive x-gene. The gene in question is not considered an x-gene unless dominant yet one who has the recessive gene is, of course, able to pass it down to their children despite not being mutants themselves. Classic is science due to regen sig; X-Force is skill due to bleed sig. Deadpool is the only character I would change 100% certain.

    Also, stop this 6* bs. I know many are quitting over it. I am as soon as they're released and definitely won't be spending anymore money in the meantime.
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    I think there should be some speedsters in this game it would be fun to use and play as really fast people like quicksilver and speed.and do we really need another scarlet wich I looked at the new champions and I unfortunately didn't see quicksilver but I did see a scarlet wich I mean scarlet wich is quicksilvers twin sister I mean why can't we and the other maxamoff twin quicksilver. Kabam could you please put some quicksilvers in the game like xmen=5 stars age of ultron = 4 stars and the normal quicksilver 3 stars so could you please put quicksilver in the game.
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    Kabam I would love to see the Black Order in the game!
    Promixa Midnight - Skill
    Supergiant - Cosmic / Mystic
    Black Dwarf - Skill
    Ebony Maw - Mystic
    Corvus Glaive - Cosmic / Science

    I think some sort of Pentaservant Crystal could be achieved through alliance and solo quests similar to the spiderverse crystal. I'd suggest that Thanos could be permanently added to crystals during their release.
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    What if they made adaptoids playable characters. Their icon would be that universal class maestro and collector have. When you use them in their first fight it's a random character but after that they copy the class specials and abilities of their previous fight. You'll need to awaken them for them to copy signature abilities. The strength of the character correspondsto how leveled up you have him. So if you used your 2/20 adaptoid to fight a 5/50 Gwenpool. During your next fight your adaptoid would have the abilities and speacials of a 2/20 Gwenpool. They don't copy nodes and can't copy Maestro or collector. They also can't be used in AW defense. They could even be a really rare character like Kang and Deadpool. I think this would be awesome. What's yalls thoughts?
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    Mystique <3<3
  • NDK13NDK13 Posts: 620 ★★
    I want legion
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    Also Mr. Sinister.
  • IdontinksoIdontinkso Posts: 156
    There are already tons to pick from, the truth is if there is a movie or TV show coming out, those will be new ones we will see.

    Narrowing down your posts to a few ideas and providing some ideas of how they can integrate into the game seems to be the best use of your effort here.
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    KhanMedina wrote: »
    Has there ever been an official poll on reskins? I see the OP mentions MANY fans like them, but I very rarely hear them celebrated. I think a big issue is some of them are just complete copies with no change (CM/MM), and others are reskins of characters that many people don't enjoy (Cyclops/Magneto).
    I don't mind stuff like SIM and Cosmic Spidey as much because at least there's a class change or even the IIF and OG vision ones since those are hard to find, but these other ones definitely seemed lazy. I'd rather there just be a uniform swap option for each character since, as stated, most of them have had different outfits. They do not need separate champs for each hairstyle, etc. though.

    Buying skins with units is something that Kabam is really missing out on as a true money maker. Other 'play4free' games have already established this.
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    bm3epps wrote: »
    Mystique <3<3

    Mystique could clone the opponent when contact is made like rogues sp1 . Mutant class obviously. Needs the Xenia onatopp (from james bomd movies) move she used in xmen where she gets your head between her legs and crushes your skull with them.
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    Cavalier wrote: »
    It has been brought up before, and I more or less said the same thing. I don't want many versions of the same hero, but I would like the ability to change the uniform.

    Many have suggested this and I agree. Also, most of the female characters seem to be lacking in the face. Lots of care and time is spent sculpting the bodies but the faces of most of the women are plain unattractive and not right in proportions. Ie. Lots of butterfaces.

    There are plenty of talented artists contributing to the game, its a shame the art direction removes a lot of the beauty there.

    On the male side, the " I'm constipated and really need to go" look is over used. Instead of looking menacing, it comes off as comical...well i guess this is all based on comics :)
    Wonder Man
    Spider Man 2099
    Omega Red
    Mister Sinister
    Doctor Doom
    Adam Warlock
    Molecule Man
    Mr. Fantastic
    Invisible Woman
    The Human Torch
    The Thing
    Silver Surfer
    Squirrel Girl

  • Sabretooth based off his rivalry with Wolverine, not in X-Men. #mutant

    As has been mentioned MANY times, the entire Fantastic Four cast of characters, heros and villains (Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Thing, Silver Surfer, Dr. Doom) #cosmic #tech #science

    CPT America (WWII) needs his counterpart (Bucky) and his villains (Red Skull and other Hydra Agents). #skill #science #tech

    THE Apocalypse in all his Glory should be the 'be all, end all' of characters. #mutant #mystic #cosmic #tech

    Adam Warlock. Period. #cosmic

    Finally, THANOS! He needs to be back in the game as a 5 Star AND THANOS SHOULD BE THE VERY FIRST 6 STAR! And his awakening abilities should include the Infinity Gauntlet!!! #cosmic #mystic #tech #mutant #science #skill
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  • Wordy12Wordy12 Posts: 208
    He sounds like a good defender! I like his character, and the abilities you have chosen for him!
  • I'd feel like the game would feel more complete with the Fantastic Four and Dr Doom.

    Since they are being left out seemingly on purpose maybe y'all could add them in a different way.

    The next guardians event could have the Thing along with Kitty Pryde or Adam Warlock. The Thing is my favorite and has been with the Guardians for a while now.

    The next inhumans event could add Human Torch along with Crystal, Maximus, or Triton.

    Infamous iron man is the current version of doom in the comics and is fighting mastermind, the ultimate universe Reed Richards. That could be a decent event.

    As for invisible woman I heard mention of a malice persona. I don't know much about it but maybe that could work.

    Better yet you could just add the originals and make a lot of us happy. I want them so bad I'd deal with these off versions of the characters.
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    edited September 2017
    class: Mutant/ Science( the cinematic universe one is dead, but he was science)

    Base Stats & Abilities

    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    Health: 12000
    Attack: 1100

    Passive: Enhanced Metabolism

    Quicksilver's enhanced metabolism allows to shrug off non damaging debuffs 70% faster

    When Attacked

    Quicksilver's immense speed gives him a 5% chance to dodge all incoming attacks, causing them to MISS.

    This chance increases by a flat 25% against Special Attacks.

    Taunt Charge

    Each time Quicksilver dodges an attack or uses the Dexterity Mastery, he places a taunt on his opponent. Stacks up to 3 times.

    Opponents that are Taunted have their Attack reduced by 20% and have a 30% higher chance to activate a Special Attack per taunt active.
    (With 3 taunts, 60% attack reduction, +90% chance to activate a special)

    Taunts last 9 seconds.

    Finishing a 5 hit combo and Charging a heavy.

    Nobody's faster than Quicksilver. The next incoming hit gains a flat+ 70% chance to miss.
    (Stacks only once, obviously)
    (This allows his chain another combo)

    Special Attacks: Confidence

    Boost critical rating and damage by +90% for 9 seconds, refreshed at the cost of 1 taunt.(stacks upto 6 times)

    Special 1: Gain 1 confidence charge.

    Special 2: Gain 2 stacks of confidence.

    Special 3: Gain 3 stacks of confidence.

    Signature ability

    Quicksilver decreases his opponents power gain and defensive ability accuracy by up to 90% based on his current combo count.
    Maxes out at 90 hits.
    Conversely, the chance for incoming attacks to miss increases by up to a flat 30% based on the opponents current combo count.
    Maxes out at 90 hits.

    So-so critical hit rate and damage. ( 160% damage and 20% rate ) with low armor (8%).
    He has a decent block penetration, but not Yondu level. About (18%)

    He shrugs off stun pretty quickly and is a God-Tier defender when awakened.

    His damage is between average and demigod tier. When awakened he becomes a great power control champ with nice ability accuracy reduction.

    Please feel free to comment !

  • I think quicksilver would be the perfect
  • I feel before adding any new OP champs first get the likes of iron fist luke cage spider gwen abomination black bolt Dr strange kamala khan collosus and many other older champions in line regarding abilities and strength to allow them to keep up with the newer content b4 adding more..
  • Blade will be one of the most popular champs, he'll be on everyone's wishlist...
  • Blade and Dr. Doom would be perfect additions to the game
  • Spiderman stark enched
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