Regarding the “Trade 3 Tier 4 Class Cats for ONE of your choice”

Just my two cents: tier 4 ANYTHING is hard enough to come by between spending money and hours of grinding. And maybe there are players out there that have a truckload, but personally I think it’s a garbage deal. If you want to do something useful make it easier to get tier 4s so the majority of us can get our 4 stars to level 5 so we can take part in all of the new story and event content and maybe get a 6 star one day. Or possibly level up the few 5 stars to a PI where they won’t get their ass kicked on 5-2. Plying is fun but literally no one wants to grind for hours and hours to get a fragment. It’s truly a kick in the pills. Or maybe I’m missing something totally. All I know is I’m starting to realize again why I deleted this game from my iPad and phone 2 years ago.


  • PrentexPrentex Posts: 82
    I think in the current state of the game, the tier 4 class catalysts are absolutely not the bottleneck resources (for me it is basically gold, i am always short on gold). But i have a full inventory of all six classes and more than 50 full t4cc crystals which i don't wanna open because the t4cc would expire.

    I would prefer an option to sell them to get t5cc fragments.
  • BriceMiesterBriceMiester Posts: 246
    I think spending 3 T4cc for a Random T4cc of THEIR choosing is a Terrible thing to do to their clients, I would prefer 3 T4cc for a Catalyst of YOUR choosing would be better, say you need a Mutant T4cc and you have an overflow of Science, bam you go to the Crystal Store click on the Mutant Trade in Crystal and spend your Science Cats to get a Mutant Cat, 3 is still a little steep but at least it's not gambling with Terrible Odds
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