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At this point all the content creator program videos on Longshot are out and at this point we are all aware of the damage potential on Longshot in buff heavy match ups and regular match ups.
Since his damage is higher than most champions where he can actually incinerate, he is one of the champs I would want for my roster.
But, before I spend any units on cavs, I would like to know if he would be rebalaced. All of his abilities are out, his damage potential is also known now and everyone is aware of his interactions against most match ups.

If he will be changed, it would be appreciated that it is announced before the Cavelier round is over not after. Because you refunding resources is not sufficient for champs we spend units on to get.


  • M_virkM_virk Posts: 59
    ChriissR said:

    They won't announce it and it's up to you to take the risk.

    I've stopped since Doom, not worth it anymore. My personal opinion, I think he will get "Rebalanced" in a few months.

    There are rarely any champs I like to spend units on cavs to get. But longshot is one of the champ I wouldn't mind trying to get through cavs. But that's if he stays the same.
    I will wait till they announce something and if they dont then I'm gonna have to wait till he gets added into the basic or featured crystals.
  • KalantakKalantak Posts: 937 ★★★
    with uncertain "rebalance" hanging on newly released champs while OP champs like domino ,hyperioon and few more were never touched kind spoiled the fun of opening the cavs! its like even if you be 1 in 1000 and get an awesome New champs ,chances are he will get nerf
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