Sunspot or Archangel

Who is most worthy of rank 5(both 5 star and both awakened)


  • solmyrairsolmyrair Posts: 363
    Well.. depends what do you want to achieve..

    Archangel is perfect against not bleed/poison immune enemies.

    Sunspot is good against most of the champs. His SP2 means fight is over in most of scenarios.

    Try both in RoL and decide.
  • AzKicker316AzKicker316 Posts: 1,870 ★★★★
    Hard choice, seriously. The only difference I see is if you are concerned with prestige, then sunspot is your answer. Otherwise, it comes down to whoever you enjoy playing more.
  • gforcefangforcefan Posts: 271 ★★
    Both are good. I give the nod to AA because of his ability reduction when awakened. There are lots of wacky nodes and abilities this prevents (like No retreat, etc.)
  • I like Sunspot more than AA, rank up Sunspot 🌞
  • AlexAvalonAlexAvalon Posts: 628 ★★★
    AA for the aa reduction
  • PseudouberPseudouber Posts: 532 ★★★
    edited February 2020
    AA for sure, Much more useful. Sunspot is great, I have a 6* but I am really wishing I had a 5* AA over him. I used my 4* so much and he was so useful when 4*'s where still viable.
  • TJ107TJ107 Posts: 72
  • NEO_mr_AndersonNEO_mr_Anderson Posts: 1,065 ★★★
    Do as I do...Go fight WS in RoL, with both, and, rank up your favorite.
  • LosspikLosspik Posts: 253 ★★
    So as someone with a 5/65 AA & Sunspot both max sig, Id say AA Unless you want the prestige boost form Sunspot.
    I use sunspot very rarely but AA has been my MVP in so much content over the years (was my first 5/65) including y recent first Abyss Run. the Abililty accuracy reduction is amazing switching off nodes all over the place (including aspect of war) & he really isnt that bad if he cant poison I regularly get over 10 bleeds on poison immune champ.
  • Sburton670Sburton670 Posts: 53
    I done it now and ended up ranking up AA and no regrets. That's him domino and hyperion maxed out and qwake rank 4 and sunspot rank 4.think I may try becoming cavalier. Thank you everyone for input
  • DomoSlomoDomoSlomo Posts: 44
    @Losspik who did you use AA against in Abyss?
  • Austin555555Austin555555 Posts: 2,848 ★★★★★

    Who is most worthy of rank 5(both 5 star and both awakened)

    Honestly Sunspot
  • LosspikLosspik Posts: 253 ★★
    DomoSlomo said:

    @Losspik who did you use AA against in Abyss?

    I used AA against Mordo, Cyclops, Loki, Invisible woman in Abyss I have uploaded a video of AA vs Mordo in abyss to Youtube if you want to have a look.
  • Sburton670Sburton670 Posts: 53
    I went for AA in the end and no regrets
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