Looking for an Beginner/Intermediate Alliance

Hi, me and my friend are looking for a Beginner/Intermediate AQ-focused optional AW Alliance. We both started this game just last month and have defeated Maestro this week, one day difference. We are hoping to progress and learn more.

Time zone is Japan.

P.S. I have a Silver 2 alliance right now but is AW focused. I recently realized that it is pretty tiring


  • Do you use discord? Add me Quicklikeasloth#6910
  • JynetixJynetix Posts: 91
    LINE ID: Jynetix
  • BotzieBotzie Posts: 11
    I have the alliance for you. Lots of knowledge and experience. AQ focused, map 3/4 pushing. Add me on Line App Botzie713
  • LadyGamer13LadyGamer13 Posts: 100
    If you use Line App, add me: LadyGamer13

    Controlled Collective III is for beginners and intermediate players.
    AQ focused/AW's optional

    You can transfer to one of our higher level CC branches when ready.
  • greyblue42greyblue42 Posts: 38
    Hi! Check our Alliance out : In Game Tag: Kr33!
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