Head over Heels node issue ?

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Ok, so have we yet heard any word/confirmation/anything about the issue/bug/description/?? of head over heels and the issues that were reported?

Referring to following threads ... first opened Feb 12 ...
Immediate response from Kabam asking for more info ..
more info posted .. (several videos demonstrating issue clearly)
then .. dead silence for over a week ...

Feb 12:

Feb 16:

I'm (personally) not expecting a solution already (although, of course, it would be nice), however, any kind of clarification of whether this issue is:

1) working as intended - we read description wrong - (please straighten me out :) ).
2) working as intended - description is wrong.
3) Confirmed bug ... however, still narrowing it down to specifics.
4) Confirmed bug ... solution is being worked on.
... etc.

Considering only 10d left on event, we've gone past the halfway mark with no clarification nor communication from Kabam.
With all due respect, what happened to "improving communication" ?

I haven't started epic yet, since with this issue (or my misunderstanding), I would just be wasting units (and my time) on it.
I'm hoping to get a better understanding of how this node works/is supposed to work before tackling this content (as it is challenging enough for me as it is ... )


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    If there’s 10 days left and half the time is up chances are they won’t be changing it, it’s nowhere else in the game, id just go for epic now, if they do change it they should give at least a little compensation like they normally do with bugged nodes
  • Hey there, if you check farther down in the first thread listed, you can find a response we posted three days ago to let players know that we had pushed out a fix to resolve that issue for those who were experiencing it. You can also find that comment here. Hope that helps clear things up!
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