AQ only alliance out there?

I’m looking for an AQ only alliance that gets around 300mil AQ points weekly.



  • CourtbearCourtbear Posts: 57
    We have openings but aren’t at that 300mil level. Close to 100mil, mixed group of players running map4s and some map5. AW optional
    Let me know if interested ingame or Line: Courtbear
  • Suav23Suav23 Posts: 13
    Try FUREM, but you better have a prestigie of 10k and there over 400mil in AQ they were ranked 98
  • MasriopolisMasriopolis Posts: 16
    We've got a spot open
    -We run AQ map 6x5 and score a bit over 350M. Top 500 (between 330-400 usually)
    -AW casual. Run full BGs but no resources used. Just expect to get in, play smart and get out. Used to pay for AQ expenses
    -SA 750k+ weekly
  • ThebgjThebgj Posts: 592 ★★
    Thanks @Masriopolis , I HATE wars 😂
  • gc2782gc2782 Posts: 11
    hey man...we run aq 6x5, score 350m+ and top 400 easily each AQ. no war, only if you want rewards. hit me up if you're interested. Line and IG ID: gc2782
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