5 -7 Quality Players LF New Alliance

We are in need of a new active alliance. We are looking to merge our active players into a new alliance. Looking to bring between 5-7 players. Our ratings range from 300k-900k. We are capable of running map 4 or higher. We also communicate with LINE. Send me a message with more details about your alliance.

My LINE ID is frenzy45


  • DREWRN1DREWRN1 Posts: 3
    Look us up. We just had some retire and can make room for at least some of you. ROQS...IGN DrewRN1
  • DREWRN1DREWRN1 Posts: 3
    We don’t use line....keep it nice and simple
  • Capt_StrikerCapt_Striker Posts: 152
    I sent you a message in line
  • DREWRN1DREWRN1 Posts: 3
    Sorry man....we don’t do line. Just message me in game. Keep it simple that way...
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