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War placement started a hour early



  • Gert1s_Da_guruGert1s_Da_guru Posts: 66

    Matchmaking always starts at 3pm PST. I am looking into this, but this is the time this is intended to start.

    Just end the season already..this is a pathetic joke you lot are a joke
  • BuffalaxBuffalax Posts: 81
    Is there any update on this, yet? I know it's not as high of a priority to you as getting back the free dupes you handed out for people's Namors and Culls, but I would argue that it is a more pressing issue since Attack will be starting in a few hours. Our timer is currently at 3:41:22, so I'm guessing it will actually start in about 5 minutes.
  • HieitakuHieitaku Posts: 1,360 ★★★★★
    It's concerning how much time has passed and they haven't given any responses yet. Better finalize defense setups as early as possible.
  • Hey all,

    This war will not be voided, and will not be canceled. We're going to handle this either as part of the other Alliance War issue or separately.
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