Weekly specials event

Wack a mole event, I have completed most of this event so far apart from uncollected and in my weekly wack a mole man event is say's wack 16 times which I have done and it still says 0 ???


  • te_dua_shumte_dua_shum Posts: 307
    you have to wait 'till next week chapter release (and kill mole man there) to complete the third objective, and then another week for the fourth one ^_^
  • Yes, each level of Objective essentially unlocks upon each new week of the MoleMan Quests themselves (as each Objective is tied to MoleMan fights from their corresponding week's Quest as they become available).

    Side-node, at least in Week-2 quest there is an extra MoleMan that is a hidden drop in middle of the paths (makes reaching the longer count Objective as easy as first one).

    But the increasing number of paths looks like it is gonna be a long time-drain if you want to 100% the Quests. 1st week 8 paths, then 2nd week 12 paths. Are the next ones gonna be 16 and then 20 paths to finish it (ughh) ??
  • silentagsilentag Posts: 121
    Yep, read the objectives, they indicate the name of the quest it’s for.
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