Missing Purchased Character and replaced with other characters.

Today I purchased the 3 Star Deadpool Bundle but when I got back to the app, they where gone and replaced with a Rhino and Black Panther. I started the game with Spiderman and Ironman. Then I bought the Deadpool bundle and upgraded the two star to max as well as Spiderman. Then I recieved a crystal and opened up a Wolverine and leveled him to max. I also opened up a Vision as well. But when I came back to the app, both Deadpool's and Wolverine are gone and replaced with Rhino and Black Panther. I wasn't aware of this and opened up a crystal and got 2 Daredevils and then realized Deadpool was gone. I would've never purchased the Deadpool pack for this to happen. I'm very upset.


  • Hey Puttyman, unfortunately, we don't have direct access to in-game accounts here in the Forums and are unable to help with issues like this. Therefore, I recommend reaching out to our Support Team for assistance. You can contact them by clicking HERE.

    Alternatively, if you would prefer to contact our Support Team from within the game, simply click on the gear shaped icon, located in the top left corner of the Home screen. From there, tap the button which says “Support”, then tap the button that says “Need more help? Contact us”.
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