CAP. AMERICA I.W.: Is his Petrify debuff working as intended?

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Hello to you all.
I wanted to ask you, and also to Kabam support, about the PETRIFY debuff that Cap. America I.W. places on the oponents when a tech champion joins the team. As long as I understand, PETRIFY debuff should work the same no matter what champion uses it (She-Hulk, Void,...) with the only difference of the percentage of intensity that applies.

The fact is: when I place PETRIFY with She-Hulk or Void, for instance, I can see in the screen that the regeneration of the oponent is being reduced, transformed into damage, because it appears lots of small "red ticks" over the oponent. However, when I place PETRIFY with Cap. America I.W. it works completely different. There're no "red ticks" over the oponent and, if he has the health maestries, the debuff makes him gain health over time. If I place several PETRIFY debuffs I can see that the regeneration is being reduced but never like She-Hulk, applying damage.

Being that said, can anybody explain me if this is working well? Maybe I don't understand the PETRIFY debuff placed by Cap. America I.W. and the others. I consider this a key point to analyze since I'm thinking about upgrading him to R5/65 200 sig. level.

Thanks a lot from Spain. Stay save, be strong.


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    First off, you have to eliminate void from the conversation. Petrify may act the same, but void causes damage per debuff, and that can throw off what you are seeing.

    % between champions can differ. She Hulk off the bat with one petrify inflicts -115%. Therefore, she hulk immediately reverses the healing. Cap IW requires 4 to even reach 100%. Not counting despair.
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    Cap has a much weaker petrify, need multiple up at once
  • LaborHevLaborHev Posts: 6
    Thanks for all your comments. As I thought, it was my fault. I didn't undestand correctly the abilities of the Cap. America I.W.
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