Just pull her, what do you have to say about her, worth rank 4 undupe and other tips


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    she really is poo mate. I R4 her, worse one ever. Just nothing good at all about her imho

    Her attacks depends on her Phoenix forces, which are difficult to get in-fight and without them she is a soft hitter

    BUT, then if you manage to get some, get too many and you lose the advantage that you gain!!

    OH, and when she is dued her power is, 2 extra seconds of life when you have lost the fight already and she gets back 4-8% of her health, thats it!

    Really, save your resources

    PS even her synergies are garbage!
  • Well depends how’s well you play with her. if you can parry and heavy 5 times and get 5 Phoenix force charges ( not go over a special two) use special one and u will get power until u reach sp3 you’ll at least have 8-10 furies and boom you’ve done a lot of damage to the enemy. I have her two rank 4 and I can ko a r3 five star with only doing that once. So yes in the end if u play bad with her then don’t rank her up but if u do then do it.
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    Phoenix is a great champion, once you learn how to use her. Parry, heavy a couple times right at the beginning of the fight. Then just attack. Use your sp2 before your furies max if you can. Her damage is excellent. I've had her heavies crit for over 5k. When you dupe her, she becomes very useful for questing because of the regen. Again, it takes time to learn how to use it, but take the time and you'll benefit.
  • Great answers, but even them, as you can see, show her weakness. You have to be a good-great player with parries as well to get something useful out of her. Most of us cant parry 5 times in a row. Her abilities are difficult to master and understand as well, and there is the bloody annoying bit that if you use her well and get more of her furies their actual usefulness goes down!

    Like I said, I would avoid. Even sig and synergies are poo. Save the resources for a better champ
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    Yes she is decent but there are so many better cosmic options, angela, drax, cap marvel, symbiote spidey, thor and hyperion all deal substantially more damage and are easier to play while king groot is also easier to play and his regen is 5x as good and phoenix's. Phoenix is more of a prestige champ than someone you actually play, lots of people take her to 5/50s because her PI is pretty insane
  • Sungj, would welcome your opinion on Angela please mate? Just pulled her and no-on I know has her already?
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    I think she's underrated because she takes time to build Fury, but she's capable of some really decent Damage. 5+ Fury and you start stacking Incinerate. 10 Fury and you are booming. Finish it off with an L3 and she's pretty savage.
  • SungjSungj Posts: 1,672 ★★★★
    Sungj, would welcome your opinion on Angela please mate? Just pulled her and no-on I know has her already?

    Angela is fantastic but don't expect much from her regen its pretty negligible but its icing on that cake. She is a little bit difficult to the get the hang of but when played right she is basically a better version of drax and thor because she has equal if not greater damage output and isn't hindered by bleed immune or stun immune champs and nodes. To get the most out of her you want to keep her between 1 and 2 bars of power. When you get between those power thresholds you get a fury buff and when you crit you duplicate that fury. Right before you reach 2 bars of power use your sp1 which gives you an additional fury buff so you will have 3 fury buffs on you and just rinse and repeat that strategy. If the opponent has a lot of armour you can instead get off 1 sp1 then go to 3 bars of power which will give her a critical rating buff so she will have 2 fury and 1 crit buff making her crit really hard more often bypassing a lot armour. She's also great because her duped ability doesn't really do anything so right when you pull her she is great.
  • Thanks Sungj, really appreciate it mate, will help a lot
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    I dont like her playing style
  • I typically find biggest thing with my Phoenix is having the right synergies helps big time. Perfect block, armor, precision and power game. So Scarlet Witch, cyclops, storm, Beast.
    And keep her Phoenix force up. So Parry and heavy to get 1 or 2 then build them and get empowerment from there.
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    She is underrated and is one of the first to introduce the "need to heavy to be effective" type of champ.

    If you can stack her fury just right, she rocks the house down. Doesn't have alot of utility as the conditions for her to perform "above the top" is very slim, but, she can very a very effective champion. I bring her every single quest I do.
  • i have her at rank 4, no regrets there mate. if u cant parry 5 times in a row, just do so once, get empowerment to incinerate your oponent to the death. she can be op... if u cant do that, get to her sp2, or wait till you get 10 furies and fire of that sp3. its enough to kill most champs
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    Thanks guys
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    She's not bad you just got to learn how to play with her, and sometimes it takes a bit to get her going but once you do she can dish out some high damage. I just recently bought her to rank 4 and like using her so far, she did soild in aq and ok in the war.

    Angela is also pretty good though her regain isnt to good, i had her at rank 4 for a bit until they deranked her for some stupid reason. I like using her in aq and quests and she does really well for the most part, but there are better ones out there than her.

    Just test them out and whichever fits your play style. Not everyone has the same opinion on champions, and which are garbage or useless well besides carbage.

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