Possible bug with Stealth Spidey's Slow debuff

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Can I report a possible bug with Stealth Spidey's Slow debuff? And if it's not a bug, then it's a serious problem because it reduces the value of this ability a lot!

In this month's EQ, in the Uncollected 3.1 there's a path with Kingpin, Champion and Hulkbuster all benefiting from the 'Heavy Hitter' node, which is described (in full) as: Heavy attacks are not interrupted.

Of course, Kingpin has Unstoppable Heavies anyway; so in theory should gain nothing from this node. Except that the Heavy Hitter passive Unstoppable effect actually lasts for the recovery period of the Heavy Attack; so that not only can Heavy Attacks not be Interrupted, they can't be punished, either. But that's not the bug (just something that's a bit annoying).

I took in Stealth Spidey, anticipating he could shut this down, and he couldn't:

Could this be looked at please?

Here's Hulkbuster's list of nodes, plus the Web-Foam pre-fight ability:

Maybe the Heavy Hitter node is actually coded more along the lines of Heavy Attacks are never interrupted; and this is a case of 'never beats always'. But it would be good to know if this is as intended.

Thanks for looking into it.

P.s.Videos available if the screenshots aren't enough. Playing on Android, latest version, Motorola G5-plus.


  • EdeuinkEdeuink Posts: 1,263 ★★★★
    The unstoppable will still show up, but you can hit them and they will be pushed backward like normal.
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