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Which science champ u think should be buff to strong tier champ??

ImranImran Posts: 212
edited September 2017 in General Discussion

Which science champ u think should be buff to strong tier champ?? 31 votes

Luke cage
Etaki_LirakoiDJSmitty21AakashStefffSaiyanAwesomeness44ImranSvainKillawabz 9 votes
Spider gwen
Mr_PlatypusAmonthir 2 votes
Joe fixit
TheSOURAI_am_GrootReverse_GreenTellthemIAM 4 votes
Captain America
MrLalowLord_Paramount10 2 votes
FlazinatorFireballs5 2 votes
Ant man
Kronos987654321MasterTroller42Fossel13 3 votes
She hulk
SnizzbarNinjAlanRaaSungj 4 votes
Red hulk
Vdh2008GQuantaoBUZZdog3000Lfer58 4 votes
deadcrime 1 vote


  • Jon8299Jon8299 Posts: 1,067 ★★★
    Nothing wrong with Red Hulk and Yellow Jacket. Cpt. America should reduce ability accuracy with Fatigue, Joe Fixit and Luke Cage should hit harder and as for Luke should also reduce ability accuracy with his Exhaustion.
  • I_am_GrootI_am_Groot Posts: 646
    edited September 2017
    Joe fixit
    Joe Fixit and She Hulk.

    It's a shame they're "Hulks" but they're almost "Turds".
    It's sad because they have good designs (well SH could be improved), and I like the concept but they're a waste now.

    Joe Fixit:
    He should have a strong attack.
    And he should do Incineration against bleed immune champs. It would be cool too if his Gun is replaced by a Flamethrower. OK, the flamethrower is not necessary and I this graphic effect could make the game laggy.
    This champ is one of the best design in the game IMO. Visual and moves.

    She Hulk:
    I like her design, her body was a good job except her head/face because she's ugly. Cmon, I'm not asking she should be an Eva Andressa beauty, but just because she's a strong hulk she shouldn't look like a steroided man transvestite with an old wig.
    It would be ok if she's a bit more pretty and her hair looking less than a dead fur.

    I like her move set too, she is fast, fluid and dinamyc and look natural. But here is an error.
    She has the ability of punch really hard when she high-punch her opponent stunned. Cool.
    And She has chance of stun after a special attack. Cool too.
    But the problem is, after her special attacks she bounces and land in the other corner of the stage, and after you run toward and hold for the high-punch the stun have already expired. Even it "almost expired" if you have the mastery for long stun and the opponent have no the mastery for shorts stun, but if the opponent have it, it's worthless.
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