Team Composition and strategy for the collector

Hi I'm currently working on becoming uncollected and would like to know which champs should I take with me to the collector.

I currently have 720 units and a couple of 20% revives.

My roster includes-

5* Ghost Rider Unduped (3/55)
4* Hyperion duped (5/50)
4* Spider Man stark enhanced Unduped (5/50)
4* Symbiote supreme Unduped (5/50)
5* Venom Unduped (3/55)
4* Morning Star Duped (4/40)
4* Hulk Ragnarok Duped (4/40)
5* Colossus Unduped (2/35)
4* Captain Marvel Movie Unduped (4/40)
4* Luke Cage duped (4/40)
4* red Hulk duped (4/40)

I also just got blade as a 4* so should I rank him up for the collector?

Any tips and suggestion will be appreciated!
Thank you!


  • I'd say Starky, Hype, CMM, LC, and one more of your choice. That indestructible on LC and CMM will be invaluable. Also Starky and his auto-evade is invaluable to help you avoid block damage from the nearly unavoidable specials. Hype is always a good choice to bring so you might as well bring him. If you were to switch any of these champs out I'd say LC is the weakest choice here.
  • Warlord5386Warlord5386 Posts: 235 ★★
    I also have 4* 4/40 duped Daredevil classic at 80 Sig. People say it's quite helpful but I doubt because he has below average damage
  • Yeah, Daredevil will not be able to do any useful damage to the collector. Definitely don't bring him.
  • Warlord5386Warlord5386 Posts: 235 ★★
    Ok Thanks @Werewrym :)
  • Suman_sahASuman_sahA Posts: 417
    hype & cmm (get min 22/23 charges before entering collector fight) will benefit u, cause hypes power gain will help u to dish out some good damage before dying. cmm will also help u. dont try to lengthen fights, just try to do most damage before dying (if u r new/first time player u will not solo the fight, so just use 40% solo revives again & again - dont use potions to fill up).... try & try. collector will be down slowly but surely....
  • Thicco_ModeThicco_Mode Posts: 8,852 ★★★★★
    Agree with the above, but op's cmm is unduped so she won't get indestructible
  • Warlord5386Warlord5386 Posts: 235 ★★
    Thank you for you suggestions!
  • Suman_sahASuman_sahA Posts: 417

    Agree with the above, but op's cmm is unduped so she won't get indestructible

    no need of indestructible (though it would be a sweet bonus), just start fight-do most damage as u can- then die- then revive - rinse & repeat till collector dies... (collector has no **** nodes on him that he could regen back (like 5.4 ultron), so eventually he will be down in 5/6 try). use 40% revives (use 4 hour crystals)...
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