Rank up thoughts... 5/65

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Hi all,

Looking to bounce ideas off of. I have zero cosmic t4cc at the mo, 4 mutant, but 7+ of all others. 16 t4cc Crystal, 1,400+ t4cc shards, 8 t2a and 4t5b, with 3 more runs at Ultron until I get elders bane, the generic and 2 more t5b for 6 in total. Also have a mutant and tech 5* AG.

I can quake and bake well enough (UC storm was easy), but can't shake. I use Morningstar, mephisto and 4* r4 champion in AQ all the time, because I am a scrub and need two healers in AQ, partly because I normally have up take at least 1 mini.

Omega, saber and Medusa is my go to quest team, with quake and 4* Nick for the Dodge, when they are not on war. We are silver 2, but low tier, so I use quake, Nick and 4* max corvus in war.

I run suicides, cavalier, about to be elders bane, 1 run through variant 4 done.

I am seriously considering Morningstar or mephisto before quake, hyp or Medusa.. am I nuts? Only limited by t2a and gold (1.1m) at the moment on choices..

I can't tell you how much I hate Morningstar's short back dash, as if it wasn't for that, I'd rank 5 her in a heart beat. She is a beast when at 5 souls and a match for my 5/65 omega; it is almost criminal. But that dash back breaks my heart (and patience at times!!)..

Any way, let me know your thoughts. As I have Omega, domino would be mainly stuck on aw defence...


  • MoosetiptronicMoosetiptronic Posts: 709 ★★★
    Bump, got pushed to page 2 while an edit went through...
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    go for domino
  • MoosetiptronicMoosetiptronic Posts: 709 ★★★
    Not sure domino makes sense. What does she do that Omega at sig 160+ can't, with one less synergy space?

    I'm not sure I'd ever use her over him, particularly as I run suicides.
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