[30EDF] Seeking Active & Skilled Players; Min prestige 7.5k+

Goal 1: Fill this 3-week old alliance with 30 veteran players = DONE.

Goal 2: Start the trimming process to retain quality players who are more active and simply respectful towards one another;

We do not need people sending negative vibes to the crew with negatory remarks; This is a chill and friendly alliance with knowledgable people; Currently, we have multiple players in this alliance who are running bigger alternative accounts (a.k.a "main account") in Plat4 alliances and higher; We are simply looking for genuine players who already know the ins and outs of this game to help grow this new alliance.

We are trying to build a self-efficient alliance with players who can effectively communicate with one another and make this an enjoyable game with less drama - as much as possible.

*** IF YOU HAVE MAP6 EXPERIENCE, we would like to welcome you to the team ***
(All BGs will eventually be running map6)

Goal 3: Get all three BG's to run AQ: 66655

Currently, we are running the three BGs in this format:

BG1: 66655
BG2: 5x5
BG3: 4x5; However, once full, BG3 will be running 5x5;

** We are simultaneously running AW to build up our war rating as well.
2-BG war. Players rotated or sign-up to participate (not mandatory at this time for all players).
When we hit higher tiers, all three BGs will participate.

We are seeking players to help give BG2 & BG3 that nudge to allow them to run map6;

** This is a US-based allianced; >:)
However, we do have a few players from Poland, Singapore, Peru, and Australia.
We use LINE app. That's the only thing that is really mandatory;
No event minimums for events, just handle AQ & AW = everyone is a happy camper.

Please feel free to visit our team's website as well so you know how we currently stay organized;
Website: www.d1a30.webs.com
I personally try to keep the site updated as much as possible since I track weekly donations as well.

If you had ever wanted to help grow a new alliance to be a successful one, this will be a great opportunity to cross that off your bucket checklist. This alliance will become a competitive Gold1/Plat crew running map 6's. If you are interested, please feel free to reach out to me via any method below:

In-Game: C&H
Line ID: d1a30

This posting is a little lengthy but here is the down-low of what's going on. Rather be upfront with everyone and not waste anyone's time. I hope to hear back from you alliance-seekers. Thanks for reading!


  • TW1800TW1800 Posts: 72
    What is your war ranking ?
  • Hi TW1800,

    This is an entirely new alliance started from bottom up;
    War rating is going to be 446 (Silver 3) after this war is over in 2 hours;
    With the players we have, we will easily get into Gold and Plat+.

    3 Spots remaining if anyone is interested;

    Thank you all for viewing.
  • ** Updating, 2 spots open **
  • ** Thank you to every; Alliance is currently filled;
    I will start a waiting list now. If interested, please forward your profile ID and let me know what country and timezone you are in, and if you have map6 experience. I will be observing our current members to see if more replacements are needed;

    (To maintain privacy, I will list the FIRST & LAST THREE CHARACTERS of your LINE ID, so you can keep track of your placement on our list).

    Until then, please join our waiting list: 3
    - A247
    - B029
    - Ntha

    ** All 3 BGS successfully completing AQ at this time;
    BG3 Update: now running map5x5
  • ** Looking for skilled players with map5's (BOOSTED MASTERS) & map6 experience.

    U.S timezones preferred but not necessary.
    8k+ prestige minimum.

    Pm if interested. Looking to replace a player or two - for activeness (not so much a skill problem).

    Look forward to hearing from you all.

    In-Game: C&H
    Line ID: D1a30
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