Armor Break not scaling.

Hello. Thanks for reading this. I wanted to bring up again the fact that armor break is not scaling like it is supposed to. For example, my iron fist will stack 6 armor breaks and will be doing the same damage as with just 1 armor breaks. Symbionts Spider-Man is loved for his heavy attack armor break. When I use a Special 2 with 1 armor break. It's around 5.5k. Stacking 10 armor breaks, you should be able to see a significant difference in damage from your special, yet it is the same. Please review this. My Iron Fist was worth the awakening gem before, now he just sits in my roster collecting dust.

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    I also have noticed this issue. I was lucky enough recently to pull immortal iron fist from a max sig crystal and his armour breaks don't scale up at all. Same with Netflix Daredevil
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    Ok, I have no definitive evidence that this could be the reason, but could it be Diminishing Returns?

    Diminishing Returns is tuned in such a way where the higher your number, the same increase would be less effective. So an increase in armour break from 100 to 200 has a more significant increase effect than 2900 to 3000 for instance. Basically saying, the more your armour breaks, the lesser the effectiveness of each stacked armour break
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    Diminishing Returns is the reason why IronFist is not the same way he was before 12.0 we can no longer deal -Armor Damage. That's why Thor is the way he is & Kabam gave him more damage on his Basic attacks to offset this. No matter how many Armor Breaks you put up, once your opponent is at zero (0) Armor the extra damage stops there. This is because of the new system Kabam started in 12.0 called "Diminishing Returns"
  • Is this still the case?
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    Is this still the case?

    probably? idk
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    Is this still the case?

    You needed to revive a 3 year old thread to ask this?
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    My r5 korg has a armor reduction of 784 per crowd charge, he can have a total of 15 charges (without the opponent evading), meaning he can deal a whopping 11760 total armor reduction. This can be boosted with the mojo synergy too. But in no way he inflicts that huge armor break.
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    Is this still the case?

    Why did you feel the need to revive a thread from the first days of the forum just to ask this question?
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    Please do not bump very old threads.
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