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Guillotine 2099 Combo Shield Activation bug

FactorQFactorQ Posts: 110
edited April 2020 in Bugs and Known Issues
Guillotine 2099 signature ability states that she gains a combo shield passive (% chance based on sig) when she would be struck.

However, the sig ability activates even when Guillotine 2099 would NOT be struck if the dexterity mastery is not active. For reference (sig 200 Guillotine 2099 pictured below, 100% chance to activate power shield: top with Dexterity, bottom without Dexterity).

Seeing as Invisible Woman clearly has "Dodge" as part of her abilities, it's clearly intended that champions are allowed to Dodge an attack instead of using Dexterity to avoid it.

There can be tactical reasons to remove Dexterity for a specific fight (for example avoiding degen effects from Dormammu). Please fix her sig so that it doesn't trigger when it's not supposed to, because it puts the ability on cooldown and useless for when you actually slip up and get hit.


  • Would you happen to have video of this occurring or be able to tell us what nodes were active on this fight and what mode it was in? The extra info can help us to replicate and investigate this a bit easier.
  • FactorQFactorQ Posts: 110
    edited April 2020
    @Kabam Zibiit
    I've uploaded a video of this occurring. I believe it occurs in all game modes regardless of nodes. Here is an example of the bug in duels (which has no nodes). First fight has Dexterity mastery on, second fight did not have Dexterity mastery. Note that the combo shield triggers in the second fight despite not being struck, contrary to how her sig is supposed to work.

  • Thanks for sharing the video, we've passed the information along to the rest of the team to look into.
  • FactorQFactorQ Posts: 110
    Any word on whether the team was able to reproduce this and identify it as a bug?
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