Should Rank down tickets make a come back?

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Hi im cosmicray 13 and I'm making a poll to see what everyone wants when it comes to rank down tickets. I personally want them back for a short time. I think they were a great way to change your team and I think it's been enough and it should make a short return.

Should Rank down tickets make a come back? 20 votes

Bring Rank down tickets back.
FinlynndOKAYGangWorkingAsIntendedCosmic_Ray131haunted_memoryjeremiahramos1216swazi2015KrazewulfosWycbb5 9 votes
Don't bring rank down tickets back.
AppleisgodCavalierSungjMr_mc_person34 4 votes
Bring rank down tickets back for a short time.
YellsomeSummonerB2Leepower12SpiritOfVengeanceFf2f1c3 5 votes
Never bring rank down tickets back EVER.
stakRun477 2 votes


  • Bring Rank down tickets back.
    I think Rank down tickets should be available whenever changes are made to any champion's abilities, as well as when new champions are introduced. This post needs WAY more attention so my comment is to bump it up ;)
  • Bring Rank down tickets back.
    I believe in certain instances they should be such as a completely new revamped war. Everyone had ranked up specific champs for it and you throw in diversity rating and you basically take away someone such as myself who geared his entire defense to mostly mystic to be punished for absolutely no reason. So now if diversity is a factor in winning or losing and skews my defense because of it being one particular class. I find that rdt should be given without question. This also works for atk as well everyone had specifics champs for specific lanes i.e. Unblockable specials thorns etc. I'm not saying go nuts but they should be looked at and given out at least 5 4* rdt and 2-3 5*.
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