How many is enough?

Been pushing for Act 5 completion, Currently on Act 5.4.4. How many revives are enough for Act 5.4.4-5.4.6?

I have 19 20% revives currently.

My usual team:
5* Gwenpool R3/45
Cap (IW) R5/50 (Duped)(sig 49)
Corvus Glaive R5/50(duped)(sig 9)
Sunspot R5/50
(Someone from below)

My Roster:
5* Vision (Aarkus) R3/45 (Can rank 4)
5* Gwenpool R3/45
5* Cull Obsidian R3/45 (Can rank 4)
5* Hawkeye R2/35

Rest are 4 stars:
Cap (IW) R5/50 (Duped)(sig 49)
Corvus Glaive R5/50(duped)(sig 9)
Gwenpool R5/50
Sunspot R5/50

Captain Marvel(movie) R4/40(duped)(sig 20)
Dr Voodoo (Duped)(Sig-35)R4/40
Gulli 2099 R4/40
Iceman R4/40
Magik R4/40
Morningstar R4/40
Star Lord (Duped)(sig 34) R4/40
Stealth Suit Spiderman R4/40
Warlock (Duped)(sig 2-arena) R4/40


  • Batman_SinsOfAFatherBatman_SinsOfAFather Posts: 148 ★★
    Firstly there's no rush. You can keep rerunning paths till you can reach the boss without revives. Choose the best path for your roster, keep pushing it till you can do it satisfactorily. Maybe 3 revives per boss? I suggest you take CMM and magik up. CMM can solo the whole path because of indestructible but you'll need a nick fury. Any star will do. Also take up warlock cause you'll eventually need him at one point for atleast 1 path because there are a few paths with vigour
  • Sidd777Sidd777 Posts: 124
    I just finished act 5 recently and surprisingly didn’t have to use many revives as a I thought. I got all the way from 5.3.1 to the final ultron boss without any revives and used about 6-7 revives on ultron Becca’s si had to get the hang of the fight. My team was:
    5/50 stealth spidey sig20
    5/50 Corvus sig10
    3/45 Archangel unawakened
    4/40 void sig 60
    4/40 warlock sig40

    Used a 4/40 unawakened Medusa for the ultron boss but you should be able to do it with that vision aarkus.

    Good luck !

  • dot_dittodot_ditto Posts: 1,164 ★★★
    I don't remember using many revives during Act 5 .. maybe 1 or 2 here or there.

    My team, however was:

    5* Ghost
    3* Wasp
    5* Ant-man

    plus 2 "plugins" as needed:
    4* Hood
    5* Iceman
    5* Mephisto
    4* CAIW
    5* Blade
    ... etc
  • TheInfintyTheInfinty Posts: 1,310 ★★★★
    I see you have a vision aarkus his armor shatter will completely shut down the final ultron who is a big pain so I definitely recommend bringing him for the final quest of act 5
  • NIOBBBNIOBBB Posts: 64
    Thanks for the advice! Finally completed it!
  • NIOBBBNIOBBB Posts: 64

  • NIOBBBNIOBBB Posts: 64
    only used 2 revives for Ultron. And now I'm going to save up for 5 5* crystal opening. Thanks again!
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