**Attention Summoners**
Due to issues surrounding Defensive Tactics, points from the current matchup in Alliance Wars will be removed after the season.
War Rating will remain untouched.
We are reducing the minimum matchup cutoff from 5 to 4 for this season.
We will continue to monitor the impact of this decision.

Crashing of game

n-Game Name: yugu43221
Device and Model: Galaxy A70s
Device Operating System: Android 10
Cellular or WiFi: both
Game Version Installed: latest
Game Mode: All
Whenever a fight is ended my game crashes.
Issues with dashing towards the opponent.


  • Hey Yugu43221, I'm sorry to hear you're having this issue. If you haven't already, please share the information requested in the dedicated lag and performance issues thread for Android users, located HERE. Thanks!
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