Why push people so hard to become uncollected?



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    I think the biggest problem with this game is that novices are usually unfamiliar at skill level they're at and the fact that they can accumulate 5 and 6 stars champs over time makes it harder for them to understand how good they really are. As many people have said, Uncollected was originally designed for 4* champions. I myself did it with rank 4
    and a rank 5 4* champions. Today, Uncollected is significantly easier, due to players also having more powerful 5* and 6* champions.

    What makes this a problem is that these players believe they're entitled to stronger champions to fight through harder content rather than learning and mastering the skills needed. I'd argue that the argument should be the other way around; that whatever star champions should be gated to their progression title.

    No one is forcing you to progress, Kabam is not forcing you to progress. There is no timer on story mode, no deadline to meet. The only purpose to push forward is the incentive to better rewards.

    The problem at the end is you're blaming your roster rather than your own skill for the reason that you can't pass a progression roadblock. It is there for a reason. So you don't receive champions and the rank-up materials required for them until you actually need them. As a result, you do not need these materials and champs because your skill level is not compatible to the level that is required or that your roster is underwhelmingly poor. Either way you have until the game is shut down to grind towards Uncollected. No one is pointing a gun to your head to do it lol.
  • Holy cow if it honestly bothers you so much and you think your skill reflects what you should earn then just get uncollected already and quit making a huge deal about it. This game is progression based, that is the model. You wanna partake in deals and you want to get more shards, then you know what to do. Just because you think your skill level, amount of money put in, or whatever should guarentee what you get, well then I'm sorry you're wrong. Kabam is encouraging people to be uncollected, yes, and why not? The rewards are better and the 6* shards are nice. If you are happy being conqueror then stay conqueror, but that is your choice so don't be upset when uncollected and Cav get better rewards because you CHOOSE not to make the final push to uncollected
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    I think it's more just kabam pushing you to progress than a cash grab. You don't have to spend money on the game to complete 5.2. It might take 1 or 2 weeks to get units from arenas, but no one is forcing you to spend real currency.
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    This thread feels outdated for some reason.
    Soo much thought ful scrutiny. And well...
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    I think you type so many words in a single comment to compensate for something...lack of skills? Roster size issues?
    Idk man if you’re not up to it then you’re not
    And if you’re afraid of UC than that’s your problem
    Many resources available to help whiners like you
  • How can some one have such a detailed post and still be spouting nonsense at each and every turn?

    I honestly don't understand your problem. The game is based on story progression. Arenas, AW ,AQ and so on are for you to do when you can't / don't feel like doing story quests. They are essentially to top you up with resources so that you can do story quests.

    The reason for removing 6* shards from below cavalier is simple.
    1: they didn't want lower level players to start getting top champs easily which would cause them to steamroll content without acquiring skills.
    2: or a more important reason, they wouldn't have any use with those 6* shards. I'm cavalier and get 200 shards per month. So going at this rate they'll get a 6* after 50 months. Or in other words 4 years. For context this game has been out for a grand total of 5 something years. The point is that beginner summoners have no other way of obtaining 6* shards. They would do well with 4* shards.

    Now, how can they decide if a player is eligible for 6* shards? I know, a show of strength . A feat that solidifies the facts that the summoner is skilled enough and worthy of the high and mighty 6*. What could that be??? Yes . U-N-C-O-L-L-E-C-T-E-D.
    You want something. But you don't want to do what is required to obtain it. How else is Kabam suppose to know of you beyond god tier skill level? Arenas skills are hardly on par with actual questing. With the infinite streak strategy you can potentially have an " infinite" streak. There is skill involved but not to the level required to defeat the collecter. Yes i know your skills are legendary and you deserve 6*s but how is Kabam supposed to what your skills are unless you prove it to them? And anyways it's much less time consuming than arenas by all considerations
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    Seems alot of people misunderstood my point even though I tried to make it clear as possible. I do not want a 6 star to defeat act 5. I do not think that I NEED a 6 star to beat act 5. I am arguing that Conquerors with the experience that I have deserve WAY MORE OPPORTUNITY to earn SOME FORM of 6-star shards than we do now and we should not need a stupid title to get said opportunity.

    You don't need a stupid title. You need to beat the Collector. The title is just an easy way to keep track.

    To do Act 5 you need to finish Act 4 first. And to do Act 4 you need to finish Act 3 first. Which requires completing Act 2, which requires completing Act 1. Someone might think they should be able to just do Act 5 whenever they feel they're ready, even if they haven't spent the time to complete Act 4, or Act 3 or Act 2. But, and this seems to be the theme of this thread, nobody cares. Nobody gets to skip over prerequisites. And you're asking to get rewards for higher progress without having to complete the prerequisites to get them, and "compromising" by saying you don't actually want those rewards, just some of those rewards is a meaningless concession.

    Levels you can gain without actually progressing in the game beyond a certain point. That's why they started using progress within the core content as the measure of progress rather than combat level. If Uncollected is just a stupid title, then what you want to replace it with, extra combat levels, is just a stupid number. I can make that stupid number reach any value I want without actually having to do anything in the game. I can autofight my way to 60, and I could just as easily autofight my way to 120. Being Uncollected means you beat the Collector. Being level 60 means you've had the game on your screen for a while.

    The titles are not the thing, progress through the content is the thing. Nobody actually cares about the Uncollected title, or the Cavalier title. The title is not the thing. The fact that you progressed through the content to the point where you gain the title is the thing. And no matter how many times you try to explain yourself, what everyone hears is you want the rewards associated with higher progress without actually having to make that progress. Because that's what you are in fact saying.

    You deserve 6* shards even though you aren't Uncollected? Why? Because you have a resume you keep quoting? Add defeating the Collector to that resume. Otherwise, nobody cares.

    Or, if that's beyond your capabilities. then just wait. For maybe a couple years. Probably some time in 2022 or thereabouts MCOC might start handing out 6* shards to people who haven't progressed to Uncollected. Maybe shortly after they start releasing 7* champs. But so long as 6* champs are the highest tier champs in the game, there will be some minimum progress point you need to be to get a regular supply of shards. And Uncollected is the most reasonable progress point for that, because after Uncollected the next major looming progress ladder is Act 6, which requires 5* and 6* champs.
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    2) Using Titles as a replacement progression system in place of the summoner level system was a poorly thought out and poorly executed plan and Kabam knows this because they are releasing surveys about many such topics right now with big changes and revamps to come to the way peoples’ profiles and accomplishments are viewed and how they engage with each-other. I took the survey.

    So did I. It would take too long to refute every point in this post, so I'll just tackle this one. The survey doesn't prove anything, which anyone who knows anything about surveys like this in general would know. But for a very specific example of players reading survey tea leaves and failing completely, I'll note that a survey a few years back asked players about, among other things, gear. Because the Chinese version of MCOC at the time had gear, players started promoting the theory that the survey meant the US version of the game was going to introduce gear. Kabam, for their part, denied this. They said the survey was just to collect information in general. Of course, the tin foil hat brigade, and even many otherwise more level headed players, weren't buying it.

    Three years later, still no gear. Also, that version of the game eventually shut down. Most commonly cited reason? It wasn't pay to play enough. Because how MMOGs work in Asia is completely different from how they work in US and Europe, and what works there doesn't work anywhere else and vice versa. Anyone who's been around the MMOG space long enough knows that games tend to have a lot of hurdles jumping into, or out of, Asian countries. Sometimes it works, often it doesn't, because expectations are radically different for how gameplay, grinding, and pay to win, are supposed to work.

    Not only do I think the titling system bound to content completion was a good idea, I actually suggested something vaguely like it before Uncollected was released (I talked about a transcendent progress system beyond level 60 that was tied to some kind of proving ground content, because that exists in other games I've played) and the devs did an interview recently with DDD where they reiterated that a) more levels are unlikely due to how levels gate progress rewards and b) they are looking at ways to expand progress beyond UC and Cav in the future. So if you think they regret UC and Cav titles, that seems to be completely false.
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