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Any plans to improve weaker champs?

Are there any plans to improve champs like spider Gwen and antman? Kabam says don't compare yourselves to other players who may have better luck. Well that really isn't fair and can drive someone to eventually quit the game.
I seem to have the worst luck with the entire collection of least wanted 5* champs... I've got most of em... IP Spidergwen Antman Loki Mags
Why can't you just make slight adjustments to these champs to make them a little less hated. I appreciate the diversity point introduction in new AW but it's not enough. @kabam miike


  • 0pTimus0pTimus Posts: 113
    Simple answer NO.
  • GenidiaminGenidiamin Posts: 104
    That's really sad... it you want people to spend hard earned t4cc on other champs besides magik iceman etc you need to give them a reason. I think I'll quit soon .... after that 5* SG pull yesterday... I'm quite tired of more of the same and when I email them... they say some people are lucky ..:. Just not good enough
  • GenidiaminGenidiamin Posts: 104
    Yeah we're not saying turn spidergwen into a God tier but just make slight adjustments @Kabam Miike
  • I would love this, really would, I have literally every **** champ you can mention, BUT if they did this they would lose money off people buying and grinding for newer and better champs, so this just wont happen im afraid
  • Dakine86Dakine86 Posts: 239
    So looking forward to my 6* ant man next year.
  • Instead of improving weaker champs, why not nerf stronger champs?

    Oh wait..
  • sfu_koraxsfu_korax Posts: 236
    Ant man: I feel that the power he has of controlling bugs is not used enough. Just like yondu uses his arrow mid-combo, ant man could summon a swarm of bugs in his medium hit. That hit has a 30% chance to stun the opponent for 2 seconds. Chance of stun is increased by 5% every 25 combo hits. When he gets hit stun chance resets to 30%. Heavy attacks: if the opponent is stunned, heavy attacks deal 40% more damage.

    Spider gwen: spider gwen actually got a revamp and i'm gonna say it, i think she became much better.

    Hulkbuster: Remember the Avengers 2 movie where hulkbuster fights the hulk? During that fight, stark asks from help and repairs himself via parts that came from a satellite or something if i remember correcty. Anyways, here's my idea:
    Every time hulkbuster loses 25% of his max health, he calls for help. A "connecting" timer appears and lasts for 7 seconds. After that, hulkbuster self repairs for 15% of his max health. If hulkbuster gets hit while he is "connecting", he loses chance to regenerate until he loses again 25% of his max hp. The ability to ask for help, wait 7 seconds and then trigger a self repair
    Tell me what you think guys i tried posting this earlier but it needed to be approved because i had tagged kabam miike, sorry if it ends up posted twice
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