Which Skill Champ needs my priority?

HuorHuor Posts: 30
A few minutes ago i collected enough 5* Shard to pull my 1st 5 star and i got Ronin. Pretty happy about the pull, could have been alot worse i think. Right before pulling him i levelled a few 4* Skill Champs during the last few minutes of the Skill Advancement Event and now i am not sure which Skill Champ to focus on. The most obvious call would probably be 'focus on your 5 *' but maybe there is another Champ that is more useful to me right now.

I am a Proven player, not started Act 4 yet because i was focussing on Exploring the EQ From Beyond on Heroic. I have Completed both Baron War Quests on Master (with the help of a few pots and potions) and play AQ/AW. Other noteworthy Champs (all 4*): Awakened Ghost 4/40, BWCV r3/30, Venom r3/30, Wasp r3/30, Scarlet Witch r3/30, Magik r3/30, Iceman r3/30

Ronin r1/1

Elsa Bloodstone Awakened r3/30
BPCW Awakened r3/30
Blade R3/30
Killmonger r1/10

Honorable mention for giggles 3* Maxed Ronin.

Looking forward to read your opinion/thoughts on my Skill roster!


  • I'd go for blade and killmonger. Ronin has a slight skullcap for max effective Ness. With the somewhat passive AI in act4 he won't be effective as much.
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