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New Alliance Mode Suggestion. KABAM read it please!

Im sure many of you watched Seatins Video and other Promoters / Gamers of mcoc are complaining about the Energy,Gold,Iso and Units. Many peopel complain about the price of the Cavalier Crystals/ Energy / Gold / Iso and to be honest i understand them at some point. Thats why im suggesting this to Kabam i hope an admin will react and give me his honest opinion about my idea:

It would be much more fun if there would be a new Alliance Mode without: Ke1/Ke2/Ke3.. only 1 Ke and max 30 players can join it and ur champs ain't getting locked when joining that Alliance mode. 6 lines which are just straight and there are only bosses to fight with specific nodes and it gets harder and harder you should not be able to Choose from Stage 1 to 7 you always start from Stage 1 and try to get to Stage 7 and kill the final boss (every hour +1 Energy so you can walk and fight the next boss max cap of energy 1 or 2, depends on how much bosses they would add) Why only such a low cap of energy? Because you are going to be with 5 Alliance Members in 1 line. And as strong your Alliance is you can get forward. This Mode should end in 1 week. And playable 3x in a month and the Rewards should be after every Week some: Gold, Iso and Energy Refills. Monthly Rewards depends on what rank ur Alliance is hitting but the rewards should contain: Units & Arena Crystals.


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