Can't resist this anymore

AQ/AW Timers for Energy refills should be 30 minutes. I mean Really It impacts our personal life and Daily routine. Sometimes we have stay awake till midnight to complete.. It's really starts getting annoying now. We can't play the game whole day,people here have to study, jobs and Etc there are lot of stuffs to do in life.. We can't play all day long

Else the only option we have is to quit Alliance and After sometime get bored and Quit the game too...

Not Fair


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    This won’t fix your solution but maybe come back just every 5 hours to clear when you have full energy? Idk what map you run or anything but as long as it’s not 7, you can come back every 5 hours on both war and quest to clear.

    I know it’s a bandaid type of fix for you but it’s an idea.
  • Bert2 said:

    Who is forcing you to play? Who is forcing you to HAVE to stay up late? Quit whining about the things in your control. You CHOSE the alliance and you CHOSE to participate with the rules given. I'm sick of the whiny babies who think the game has to be altered to fit their lives! Selfish morons!

    lol some of us have lives. If you have no family and no job and have all day to play mcoc, good for you. Some of us do things other than play this game all day

    Don't know where you assume people's schedule, nothing mentioned in anything posted.

    Bottom line is every single player has the choice of what they play, their activity level and what alliance their in. The game will not adapt to individuals who complain about how it affects their personal life. You have many choices when playing this game, otherwise there are other games that could suit your lifestyle better.
    If Kabam isn't paying you, I must say that is the most pathetic responses I've seen on a forum. Like where do I begin? Honestly I was going to break it down but you're not even worth the line I typed.
    How is it a pathetic response?
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    Everyone seems get tired of the game as each day kabam implement more progress according to units and time spent.
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    Agree, Why don't let us login once daily and play for 1-2 hours and complete it because we are playing trash game or what ???
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    30 or 45 minute timers would be a great quality of life change. Of course, no one is forcing us to play the game. But a tiny little change like this will help Kabam retain more players (who otherwise might have to drop out of high level AQ simply because it's not compatible with their schedule anymore). Seems like a win-win for both Kabam and the players. I don't understand the virulent response of some in this thread to this idea.

    I have heard stories about people continuously ducking into the washroom during work to get their moves in. It doesn't need to be like that, lol.

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    Support AQ timer change to 30 minutes .

    Prof hoff can you help reach our voice to kabam ?
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    I played in alliances for 2 years and I did it to get resources to progress faster and I enjoyed the chat and banter in line chats.
    But, I got sick of aw stress, being chased / chasing to move in aw / aq. Waking up and moving before doing anything and then going to the toilet at work to move in aq / aw. That all ended in December 2018 and I haven't played aq / aw since then.

    You have a choice, the game is still good without playing aq/ aw. It just takes a bit longer to get champs and rank up materials.
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