AW: G2 | AQ: maps 5/4 + Incursion partners

if you're looking for a chill, relaxed alliance that uses LINE app. A team you can joke, laugh, share game info with, "how to fight" tips etc. A team who understands you have a career or a family, or school etc.

All while still being very active? Doing Maps 5 and 4 in AQ, and Gold 3 rank 96 in AW. Next season looking to hit Gold 2, possibly Gold 1 with your help.

And most of us are open, willing, and ready to play Incursions. So if you're tired of finding random people to play with, who leaves before its over. Message me!

LINE ID: Georgie24k


  • Blue_MarvelBlue_Marvel Posts: 161
    we also have a sister alliance for new players or even semi retired players with the minimum daily play. Or even those looking to take a small break, but still receive alliance rewards.

    Message me on LINE app: Georgie24k
  • noregrets100noregrets100 Posts: 22
    Are you Georgie Gold 8?
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