Arena champ acquisition

Tim1234Tim1234 Posts: 126
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It’s not easy to get champs from arenas ... I suggest kabam puts in place a new system that favors everyone in the game .... like using a point threshold to get the champs you want for instance the arena should be such that it’s not seperate for one champ.. say an arena for aegon will have all the aegon tiers available in it so that champs can play to certain threshold to get different star of aegon rather than have different arenas on one champ ..


  • Tim1234Tim1234 Posts: 126
    For instance at a certain point... you will get the champ at a certain star say two or three star and if you like you can go to play for more points to get Aegon at higher star levels.... that way you know u have got the champ so all you will have to do is wait for rewards to come and claim you champ rather than have people grind away soo much and then not get the champ they played hard for ...
  • SGT_M9SGT_M9 Posts: 98
    Big spenders win those champs pal. Good idea but doesn’t line the pockets of the creators if it helped everyone
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