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Now incursions are full time, could you please reduce the time between 2 refresh ?
We played in dungeons two weeks a month and so we didn’t wait a lot from this activity.
Now we can play incursions every 5 day (to gain artifacts each time), it is a focus on this permanent activity. So to wait 60 or 80 days for a new batch of crystals is too long.
The refresh time could take into account the delay to have 27k artifacts, or not (to force players to spare and anticipate potential good a good batch in a crystal).

By the way :
1) Could you please add the idea of a 6* crystal in incursions store ?
2) Now that 6* are the reference and that players have a lot of 5*, the odds to dupe an unwanted champion are high. What about to reduce the cost in artifacts of crystals ?
3) A major part of incursions crystals champions is weak champions. Would it be possible to rebalance parts of good and bad champions ?


  • GiuliameijGiuliameij Posts: 536 ★★★
    1) Would be very nice. But they probably need to increase the amount of artifacts you need so you need 2 months to get one. But atleast you can get one.
    2) I think for most, getting 1 crystal from artifacts a month, and 1 from the milestones is just about right. I actually see the slow gain of 6 stars as a good thing, stretch the life of 5 stars a little longer for the majority of the players.
    3) This does depend on that champs you consider good and bad. If you only consider beyond god and god tier champs as good, and the rest as bad, making it 50/50 would actually unbalance the crystals. (those titels are taken from seitins list)
  • Maverick75Maverick75 Posts: 247
    First thank you for your comment. It’s good to not be ignored among all the suggestions :-)

    Regarding 6*, it is an idea for the future. Between the moment when developers have the idea and the implementation, there is a lot of time, at leadt to analyze the impacts on the game.

    Regarding good and bad champions, it needs more details than I wrote. I think a major part of veteran players know there are rankings of god/semi-god/good/bad/worst champions. At the moment I know 3 sources. And I am pretty sure that even Kabam has an internal ranking.
    Even if there are a lot of common appreciations, they are not exactly the sale. My idea was to balance between all these ranking levels.
    When I look at the current crystals, they are unbalanced.
    But the more the crystals are attractive, the more players will try to get them and so spend units to get artifacts. And I did fir incursions, never for dungeons.

    Regarding the price in artifacts
    - 3x1100 artifacts for 5 days, so 19800 for a month
    - max 6600 artifacts for 15 days in sector 6, so 13200 artifacts for a month
    - And we can add some artifacts from the first rooms of sector 7, let’s say 3 rooms so 1600 artifacts, and so 3200 artifacts for a month
    So in one month players would likely to have an incursion crystal. And at the moment there is clearly only one good (or less worst) crystal.
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