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Any advice on fighting Iceman?

Because I have problems fighting Iceman


  • First parry is no real parry so take note. Take guard.

    Parry or block then wait for blockbreaker, evade then attack.

    Bait his sp1 always, evade then attack. His sp1 is same feels with IP's sp1. (a little longer than Ultron's or IM's sp1 so need to time perfectly)

    He is not that hard really. Aside from cold snap, you can get no damage if you do evading to perfection.
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  • AvatarDashAvatarDash Posts: 15
    Try to use Rogue. Use sp1 on iceman where the ice armor will get on your Rogue. Try to touch the iceman until the armor refreshed. Then the armor is gone.
    *as long as rogue touching the opponent, they can't activate the buff..
    Then you can defend iceman easily.
  • AvatarDashAvatarDash Posts: 15
    You can use hood, juggernaut, Thor jane foster, and any champs that can't stagger their opponent.
  • SungjSungj Posts: 2,095 ★★★★★
    Practice intercepting, Iceman's specials are easy to evade so you can bait them then intercept when he is under 1 bar of power
  • Actually you can use anything to beat iceman. Just dont let iceman put frostbite and coldsnap. So u must evade or block that sp1. And armor buff is easy to remove... Just parry him... And ignore coldsnap he put at the beginning of the fight.

    Best champ to beat iceman: agent venom/crossbones his tenacy able remove iceman coldsnap... But can't remove iceman frost bit. So... You still need to avoid iceman sp1. And any healing champ also good to fight against iceman like x23, wolverine, or ultron is good.
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