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LF a Map 4 merger, LINE required, No Minimums

Hello everyone! CSK is looking for members! We are down 7, so we are looking for a minimum of 7 members, but can accommodate up to 11 if needed.

Who are we looking for?
We need members who can handle their own in map 4 at minimum, and preferably some who could handle some map 5. As far as roster requirements, we need you to have at least 11 characters at 4-Star Maxed out level or preferably above to use in alliance events. We are looking to run 3 BG's in AW and all Map 4 with some map 5 in BG 1.

LINE app is essential and required for communication. You will get kicked if you do not have LINE. We require participation in alliance events in your assigned battlegroup. We do not require minimums in alliance events, but are looking to score at least 320k in summoner advancement weekly.

Sounds interesting? PM me in game @Ya_Boi_28 or here on the forums!


  • jom23pogijom23pogi Posts: 24
    hey I added you in game, my alliance is also looking for a merger
  • jom23pogijom23pogi Posts: 24
    talk to me in game @jom23pogi
  • XToThaAManXToThaAMan Posts: 44
    I may be interested in bringing a few good men to ya, contact me in game under the the same name or on Line app as AJDAXMAN
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