Improve Forum search function

I appreciate this forum and having the different forum categories to find things.

However, when I am searching for specific things, it is very hard to find what I need.

There are two major issues:
1. Search doesn't bring up the relevant result.
2. Search repeatedly brings up posts from one thread as discrete results.

For example, if I am searching for "6.1.3 nightcrawler", there will be >1000 results.
Of the first 10 results, six of the ten results are different posts from "RE: 119 heroes in a 6 star crystal and you're probably opening 1-2 a month at most". Of the remaining results, none of them are specifically relevant to act 6.1.3 nightcrawler.

I have tried this search with the advanced search functions. Searching "6.1.3 nightcrawler" in the title yields no results. Searching "6.1.3" yields >600 results, with the majority of the results being response posts to "6.1.3. How do you access this path?". When I get to the third page of search results, I finally get a result titled "6.3.1 Using Nick Fury against Medusa".

My suggestion/comment:
1. Have ability to collapse search results from one thread into one discrete result (For example, instead of seeing 10 results on a page that are all responses to "6.3.1 Using Nick Fury against Medusa", instead make it just one result of the 10, so that the remaining 9 other search results on the page can be something different). This will make it easier to not have to click through pages and pages of search results to find a different post/thread.
2. Have ability to search the body of the thread as well as the title at the same time, with specific results. (For example, searching for 6.1.3 in the title narrows the search from thousands down to hundreds, but at the same time, excludes many things that would be relevant.
3. Make the search use the specific organization/search term (For example, my search for '6.1.3' yielded results for '6.3.1". While those individual digits are present, they mean entirely different things. Act 6.1 is distinctly different from Act 6.3.)


  • Maverick75Maverick75 Posts: 249
    And a real filter on message date, because it does not work currently.
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