Share in my rifts

Note that this is not a complaint post. With the Intel gift today, I was able to complete all Epic rifts (like most of you) and I wanted to share my boon (Chronometer rift not included).

1200 6* shards
5000 5* shards
5 mystic sig stones
15 mutant sig stones
18000 t5b
3 t2a

Post a worse haul! Lucky people need not apply!


  • Wsm10Wsm10 Posts: 188
    So far I've ran six of the extra rifts and landed on:
    4500 T5B x2
    100 6* shards x2
    5 tech stones
    2k 5* shards

    Only finished the 2k 5* shards and not doing anymore tonight. It's not worth my time for the other stuff with the game playing how it is right now & continuously getting garbage rewards. It's sad that I'd rather not finish a rift then advance my account, but it is what it is. I absolutely can't stand these rifts. I really hope if they're brought back that they're done better. I get having different levels of rewards, but the disparity between the highest & lowest(which people seem to get the most of) is unacceptable.
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 4,878 ★★★★

    Looking at the %, I am already surprised I don't land more times on sig stones (which is still good for my account level).

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