Which 5* Mystic to take to Rank 4

Which 5* Mystic to take to Rank 4 10 votes

Dr Voodoo (unduped)
TheBestinTuakau 1 vote
Magik (unduped)
Lvernon15RoOOtsIKONMoudouEtjamamrcyrcleThicco_ModeZeuszeroBlackout3Point0 9 votes


  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 9,447 ★★★★★
    Magik (unduped)
    Voodoo needs to be duped
  • Thicco_ModeThicco_Mode Posts: 6,339 ★★★★★
    Magik (unduped)
    If voodoo were duped, it would probably depend on your roster and what you have, but because he's unduped, go for magik
  • 4dlai4dlai Posts: 211
    Wait for longshot or doom
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